Introduction to PvE

Before entering the PvE battle mode, players have to take the following steps:

  • Select a vehicle in the garage from the list of vehicles displayed on the lower side of the garage interface (the higher the tier of vehicle, the higher your opponents’ tiers will be)
  • Make sure the vehicle is repaired. Vehicles that are not fully repaired cannot enter PvE battles. By ticking the wrench symbol icon next to the commander portrait on the lower bar, players can make sure the vehicle is automatically repaired after each battle
  • Make sure the vehicle has enough ammunition. This can be selected by clicking on the “ammo” bar and by dragging the icons for the ammunition the players want to use to the equipment menu
  • Select the PvE mission mode by pressing the roll-down arrow under the red Battle Button
  • Press the Mission (PvE) button to enter the PvE mission interface

PvE Mission Selection and Queue

Clicking the Mission (PvE) button in the garage opens the world map.


On the world map, players can select one of the available missions that are sorted by difficulty levels. The higher the mission difficulty level, the tougher, smarter and more numerous the opponents are – but the reward increases with each level. There are three PvE difficulty levels in Armored Warfare:

  • Easy – for new players, serves as the entry level to the game so players can get used to tactics and the flow of battle
  • Medium – standard difficulty, more difficult but perfectly suitable for a player with some experience already
  • Hard – high difficulty level, only suitable for experienced players and players specializing in PvE

Select the desired difficulty level by pressing the “Start Mission” button on the world map interface. This will put the player into a PvE queue.


The PvE queue display consists of the following elements:

  • Number of players in the queue
  • Distribution of players in the queue by difficulty level selected
  • Distribution of players in the queue by vehicle tier
  • Distribution of players in the queue by vehicle class

The PvE battle queue can be abandoned by pressing the “Leave Queue” button. If a vehicle is already entering the battle, the button will disappear – in this phase the matchmaker mechanism is already assembling both teams. A loading screen will appear with the setup of your 5 man team. Once a certain number of players have successfully loaded the map, a 30 second countdown until the start of the battle begins. On the loading screen, players can see a mission briefing containing the storyline and the rewards.


PvE missions have different objectives to PvP battles. Objectives are split into primary and secondary.

  • Primary Objectives have to be completed, failure to do so will result in the mission ending unsuccessfully
  • Secondary Objectives do not have to be completed by the time the mission ends but doing so yields additional rewards

Players have to complete the primary mission objectives within a certain time limit. There are many types of objectives, including:

  • Destroy a valuable target
  • Defend a certain area
  • Capture a certain location

Primary objectives are marked with a large circle on the minimap and secondary objectives are marked with small circles.


During the missions, players will be confronted by AI-controlled enemies (also known as bots). Their numbers and quality are defined by the difficulty level of the mission. Many opponents have prefixes to their names. These indicate their quality and differences from the "standard" vehicles and let players know how difficult that respective opponent is. These suffixes are:

  • (Salvaged) The least effective vehicle
  • (Fragile) Weaker than the standard vehicle
  • (no suffix) Standard vehicle
  • (Upgraded) Somewhat more powerful than the standard vehicle
  • (Superior) The most dangerous variant of vehicle

A special type of opponent is called a “Lieutenant” – unlike the regular enemies that are marked red and designated by their vehicle names, the “Lieutenants” are marked yellow. Beware! “Lieutenants” are much more difficult than the regular opponents and can easily destroy any player vehicles when engaging them head on. The higher the mission difficulty, the higher the chance of a “Lieutenant” appearing.


When a mission has been successfully completed, players can see a short debriefing screen.


In the garage, players can then see a detailed debriefing screen along with the credit and reputation rewards gained.

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