Introduction to PvP

In Armored Warfare, two teams of 15 players fight each other in PvP battles.

Entering PvP battle

Before entering the PvP battle mode, players have to take the following steps:

  • Select a vehicle in the garage from the list of vehicles displayed on the lower side of the garage interface (the higher the tier of vehicle, the higher your opponents’ tiers will be)
  • Make sure the vehicle is repaired. Vehicles that are not fully repaired cannot enter PvP battles. By ticking the wrench symbol icon next to the commander portrait on the lower bar, players can make sure the vehicle is automatically repaired after each battle
  • Make sure the vehicle has enough ammunition. This can be selected by clicking on the “ammo” bar and by dragging the icons for the ammunition the players want to use to the equipment menu
  • Press the Battle (PvP) button to enter the matchmaker queue

PvP Queue


The PvP queue display consists of following elements:

  • Number of players in the queue
  • Distribution of players in the queue by vehicle tier
  • Distribution of players in the queue by vehicle class

The PvP battle queue can be abandoned by clicking the “Leave Queue” button. If a vehicle is already entering the battle, the button will disappear – in this phase the matchmaker mechanism is already assembling both teams. A loading screen will appear with the setup of both teams including player names and types of vehicles. In Armored Warfare PvP battles, both teams can see the composition of each team, allowing the players to choose their tactics for the upcoming fight. Once a certain number of players have successfully loaded the map, a 30 second countdown until the start of the battle begins. Both teams in PvP battles consist of 15 players (this number can be lower under extraordinary circumstances). Each team controls one base in standard PvP mode. The goal of both teams is to win the battle by one of the following means:

  • Destroy all the enemy vehicles
  • Capture the enemy base

Each battle has a 15 minute time limit. Within that limit one team has to win or lose, otherwise the battle will be declared a draw with reduced rewards for both teams. In order to capture a base, players have to enter the enemy “base circle”, usually located on the other side of the map. Capturing the base takes some time (typically under a minute) – the more vehicles there are capturing (located within the circle), the faster the capture proceeds.

There are currently two different PvP modes:

  • Standard - the goal is to capture each team's base as described above
  • Encounter - there is only one base in the middle of the map and the players might fight over who gets to control it


In PvP battles, players are rewarded for their performance with reputation and credits. Reputation can be used to unlock vehicles and their modules in the game, while credits can be used to purchase vehicles, ammunition and to repair damaged or destroyed vehicles. The winning team receives higher rewards than the losing team, but players on the losing team that have performed well can also gain substantial rewards. Premium account owners also receive 50 percent more credits and reputation points. The battle ends once a base has been captured or the enemy team has been eliminated.


After the battle, players can review their performance on a post-battle debriefing display.

Skirmish Feature

One of the most common issues encountered by PvP players is the lack of game population to assemble proper 15v15 battles during the less populated hours. To address this issue, we have prepared the Skirmish feature. In situations where the matchmaker cannot create teams larger than 5v5 in a timely manner, players will now be placed into a new 3v3 to 5v5 Skirmish match on smaller Skirmish versions of the following maps:

  • Cold Strike
  • Cerberus
  • Reactor
  • Pipelines

These matches use standard PvP rules.

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