Repairing and Refilling the Consumables

In Armored Warfare, all the items that get spent into the game have to be refilled – this includes the ammunition and consumables. Before the battle, using the ammunition and consumable window, the player selects the ammunition and consumables to be used on the vehicle. Every single round has a certain credit value and upon firing it, its price will be deducted from the winnings. Consumables are paid for only when they are actually spent in battle.


The process can be either automatized by using the respective settings – or it can be done manually by adding the shells in the ammunition window and the consumables in the consumable window manually after each battle.


After being destroyed or damaged in battle, the player also has to pay repair costs for its vehicle in credits. This too can be automatized by using the respective toggle. Please note that damaged vehicles cannot enter battle and have to be repaired before being sent to combat again. As for the fuel however – that is completely free and players do not have to pay anything for it.

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