MMOPlay's Thoughts On PVE

Online shooters have come a long way since the days I logged into my local BBS in order to play Doom 2 against a handful of other players. The last few years have seen a virtual explosion in the number of mmofps games from a good variety of genres. The hottest shooter genre right now seems to be that of armored tanks pounding the living snot out of each other. Unlike most other tank-themed shooters, Armored Warfare features modern tanks and, even more radical, a PvE component. Let's take a breather from the battlefield and examine why the Armored Warfare PvE component is brilliant.

I've always been a fan of mmo fps games despite the fact that I have sloth-like reflexes. To my mind, there has always been two inherent flaws found in most online shooters and moba games: having to play as part of a team and only being able to engage in PvP combat. Now the being part of a team facet of these games lies outside the scope of this article as we are focusing solely on player-versus-environment gameplay, specifically that of Armored Warfare PvE. So let's dig a little deeper why we really like the PvE component found in Armored Warfare.

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