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Immerse yourselves in an epic tale of bravery and betrayal and learn more about the broken world of Armored Warfare, controlled by ruthless warlords and greedy corporations!

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Episode 2 – “Monsters”

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Storyline Campaign, continuing the story of the Seahawks and their flight from the Clayburn Corporation.

  • Cairo, July 15, 2039

They landed after sunset. The blaze of the Egyptian sun in July gave way to the stifling, humid heat. Below them, Cairo sparkled like a million jewels scattered across the land – the cradle of many civilizations shining undiminished into the night.

The journey, to their surprise, was completely uneventful. There were few organized air forces left operational in the world and they did not stray eastward enough to provoke the anger of one of the last nations left standing in the region – Israel. Nobody was foolish enough to mess with the Israelis, an unwritten rule of the mercenary and corporate world.

Egypt too, still formally existed as a sovereign nation, but the droughts and subsequent famine of the early 2030s made it nearly completely dependent on food imports, for which the once proud country was forced to pay with land, freedoms and produce. Even now, Cairo was the seat of several large north-African corporation branches, the chief amongst them being Suez Incorporated, one of the major Clayburn Industries trade partners.

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Seagrove sighed at the thought. If Clayburn hadn’t known that they escaped him from Istanbul, he surely knew by now.

In the end, Ibrahim came through and managed to convince the leader of the Black Eagles, the company that owned a number of C-17 planes, to carry them across the sea, but the price was steep and left the already struggling Seahawks with dangerously low reserves. Food and fuel were to be had in Cairo, but one must have Credits for that and Credits were one thing that the Seahawks currently lacked.

To solve the unfavorable situation, an equally difficult decision was made by Adrian Blackwood to ditch the unit’s remaining Leopards tanks and all support vehicles. A considerable portion of Seahawk men chose to remain in Istanbul as free mercenaries and with the Seahawk strength reduced to less than 300 men, there was nobody to operate that many trucks and combat vehicles anyway. The Leopard 2 tanks bore the brunt of the battle during the escape from the Balkans and were worn out with little prospect of finding the needed amount of spare parts south or west of Europe.

The American vehicles, however, were still in use in northern Africa after the massive sales of the late 2010s before the economic collapse in the region. The plan, therefore, was to take the Stryker fire support vehicles, Bradleys, and the Abrams tanks to Cairo with the hope of purchasing spare parts, trucks, and supplies after the whole operation.

They realized the plan failed after the planes had landed under the cover of the night only to be immediately attacked on the ground by the Cairo airport security – the same security Ibrahim had assured them could be bribed to look away while the whole unit mustered and headed out. They must want them really badly, Seagrove thought grimly. The trap was well-prepared too – the C-17s had to make several trips to haul the entire unit across the sea and the security forces, bolstered with several heavy vehicles, waited until everyone was on the ground. Luckily for the Seahawks, the level of training the security forces had was far below their own and the assault was repelled, although not without losses.

The C-17 pilots immediately bolted – in fact not a single shot was fired at them during their take-off. Perhaps this whole thing was a complicated set-up by Clayburn? Or perhaps Ibrahim had double-crossed them? After all, staying in Istanbul as a designated corporate enemy was not good for business, or health. Seagrove shook his head as he watched the men and women huddled around a table in one of the airport hangars. The wrecks of the security force vehicles were smoldering outside and the bodies of the men were being piled up by the bloodied and dirty Seahawks. Everyone around the table bore some kind of light wound, a testament of the battle’s ferocity. Blackwood, seemingly unfazed by the whole ordeal, just started to explain the next phase of the operations. Numb from the tiredness, Seagrove forced himself to focus.

“....and after this warm welcome, we can’t stay in Cairo for long. We’re leaving a few men under the command of commander Sokolov,” he nodded at the man next to him who had the same air of calmness as him, “to gather as many supplies as we can and get the lay of the land. The rest of us will head out east. The tanks won’t last long in the sand, don’t push them too hard. “

The others nodded, but Kathryn Grey asked what seemed to have been on everyone’s mind.

“What about the supplies? We need more water, food, fuel, everything. Even if we make it to the El Arish, we don’t even know who’s currently there.”

Blackwood nodded.

“First things first. Our friends,” he raised his eyebrows and everyone chuckled a bit, “provided us with some trucks.”

He looked around and continued.

“This airport hasn’t been used for civilian traffic since the early 2030s. Those who fly from here or to here can...,” he smiled, “spare things. Things they can afford and we need. Feel free to look around and take them. It’s not like they can do any worse than fire at us again.”

Everyone laughed at the remark and Seagrove once again found himself admiring Blackwood’s rhetorical skills. In another age, he would have made an incredible politician, he thought.

Blackwood’s face grew more serious.

“Now comes the hard part. Me and the bulk of the armor will go east immediately and we’ll take the base. Ibrahim’s people scouted it out – so he said and I trust him. There is one cargo ship still operational there. Suez Incorporated is repairing it and we’ll kindly relieve them of the burden of having to maintain it. We’ll take it, load whatever we can and head west towards the United States. Nobody will stop us.”

The people around were too tired to question his certainty, but Seagrove could see the doubts in their eyes. Blackwood continued.

“Joshua, Kathryn, your task will be to scour the desert. Fyodor will provide you with a map of local camps and settlements. Take some of the Credits we have left and try to negotiate with them for supplies. “

His face hardened.

“If they don’t sell, take it. Failure is not an option. Do I make myself clear?”

Seagrove watched Grey salute and leave towards her men and women with a grim expression on her face which made him feel uneasy. The rest of the group was now dispersing and he had to jog to catch up with Blackwood and Sokolov who were discussing their steps in Cairo.


Blackwood looked back.


“About the supply run. We can’t just take food from these people.”

The more he spoke, the more he was convinced of being right. Blackwood could see it in his face and sighed, waving at Sokolov to continue without him. Both men stopped at the hangar door, Blackwood leaning against the warm metal, watching the bustle outside while Seagrove feverishly explained, his previous tiredness gone.

“Sokolov said that Sinai is controlled by rogue mercs. I get it. But we can’t just leave them all to starve. They have families there. Every barrel of fuel we take, every well we pump dry, it all means one more dead. Is this what we are reduced to? If so, we might as well have stayed with Clayburn.”

He ended up almost shouting, but Blackwood seemed to pay no heed. When Seagrove was finally done, Blackwood responded, calmly, only with a slight frown on his face.

“Joshua, listen to me. This is about these men and women that bled with us these past months. They all want freedom from Clayburn, from the endless slaughter. We take the supplies, we take the base, we take a ship and we’re off. No more killing. We’re not monsters. We don’t do this out of spite or greed. We do what we have to survive.”

He leaned towards Seagrove and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Do you understand?”

Suddenly feeling the exhaustion again, Seagrove nodded.

“How do you even know that this plan will work? It seems like an awful stretch. ”

Blackwood reached out and patted him on his shoulder.

“Have faith, son. It’ll work.”

Somehow, Seagrove felt it would be nowhere near as easy as that.

From July 20 to August 19 2017, players will have the opportunity to finish Episode 2 of the storyline campaign by completing one of three different objectives.

Each objective has its own set of rewards. Only one of these objectives has to be completed to obtain the “Episode 2 finished” status. Completing all three objectives will, however, reward players with the ultimate prize of the episode – the otherwise unobtainable Tier 9 Centauro 120 WOLF Tank Destroyer!

Continue the fight to obtain the ultimate Season 1 reward – a unique high-Tier vehicle!


Objective 1 – Fighting for Resources

Kathryn Grey and Joshua Seagrove were tasked with finding enough resources for the Seahawks to make the trip. In Objective 1, players join either Joshua Seagrove or Kathryn Grey in their endeavor. Both of them represent different approaches to the task.


  • Join either Joshua Seagrove or Kathryn Grey
  • The following modes count for the event: PvP, Global Operations, PvE (all difficulties)
  • Play at least 40 battles to qualify for any reward
  • Gather as much raw Reputation for your faction as you can
  • Determine the storyline result by your choices


Joshua Seagrove wants to obtain the resources by trade, using minimum force necessary. This approach, while resulting in fewer resources gathered, will not upset the balance of the region. Enemy mercenaries of the Suez Peninsula will not unite against the Seahawk threat. For more information about Joshua Seagrove, his motivations and attitude, visit our dedicated article.


Kathryn Grey wants to obtain the resources by any means necessary, including violence. This approach will result in more gathered resources but at significant risk of uniting the region against the Seahawks. For more information about Kathryn Grey, her motivations and attitude, visit our dedicated article.

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  • Members of the winning commander faction will receive 14 days of Premium Time
  • Members of the losing commander faction will receive 7 days of Premium Time
  • Top 100 members of both factions will receive T-72B3 Green Tier 8 Premium MBT and Episode 2 Completed Status

Decision Impact

The players have the opportunity to impact the course of the Storyline Campaign in a major way. The faction result ratio of Objective 1 will influence the position of both commanders as well as their results.

  • Undetermined Outcome: 50:50 to 55:45 ratios. Neither commander gained any major influence but the winning side will have more say as to the course of the campaign in the future.
  • Victory: 55:45 to 60:40 ratios. One side has clear advantage, resulting in either more peaceful future approach (Joshua Seagrove) or more violent future approach (Kathryn Grey)
  • Decisive Victory: 60:40 to 75:25 ratios. The voice of one side is greatly diminished, resulting in a significant shift towards one philosophy or another.
  • Domination: 75:25 to 100:0 ratios. The success of one commander results in a tremendous influence gain with the men and Seahawk command alike

For more information about this objective, please see the Rules part of this article.

Objective 2 – Assaulting the Base (Global Operations)

Adrian Blackwood is taking the bulk of the Seahawk forces to assault the El Arish base, currently defended by the Suez Incorporated forces.


  • Play up to 2 Global Operations Battle per Day in a Tier 5 vehicle
  • Play up to 2 Global Operations Battle per Day in a Tier 7 vehicle
  • Play up to 2 Global Operations Battle per Day in a Tier 9 vehicle

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Each Objective 2 battle will be rewarded based on the highest Tier of vehicle owned by the respective player:

  • Tier 5: 35,000 Credits, 850 Global Reputation Points
  • Tier 6: 46,000 Credits, 1050 Global Reputation Points
  • Tier 7: 53,000 Credits, 1400 Global Reputation Points
  • Tier 8: 63,000 Credits, 1850 Global Reputation Points
  • Tier 9: 81,000 Credits, 2250 Global Reputation Points
  • Tier 10: 105,000 Credits, 2650 Global Reputation Points

Playing at least 120 Objective 2 battles qualifies for Episode 2 Completed status a special reward - T-64AV Hunter Tier 5 Premium MBT!

Decision Impact

At least 30 percent of Episode 2 participants must complete this objective for the Seahawks not to take any losses.

  • If fewer than 5 percent of Episode 2 winners complete Objective 2, the Seahawks will take heavy losses (Episode 3 objectives will become 30 percent more difficult and Joshua Seagrove and Kathryn Gray will become unhappy)
  • If fewer than 15 percent of Episode 2 winners complete Objective 2, the Seahawks will take some losses (Episode 3 objectives will become 10 percent more difficult)

For more information about this objective, please see the Rules part of this article.

Objective 3 – Repelling the Suez Incorporate Assault (PvE)

Suez Incorporated, no doubt under the influence of Clayburn Industries, has sent a task force to eliminate the fleeing Seahawks. This task force must be repelled at all cost. A rear-guard unit was set up to ambush the assailants. How successful will they be is up to you!


  • Win 40 battles in PvE Hard in one of the following vehicles: M1A1 Abrams, M1128 Stryker or M2A3 Bradley

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  • 1,000 Gold and Episode 2 Completed status

Bonus Objective – Total Victory

Players who achieve Episode 2 Completed in all three categories:

  • Become a Ranked player in Objective 1
  • Play 120 Global Operations battles in Objective 2
  • Win 40 PvE Hard battles in Objective 3

Will receive a special reward: B1 Centauro 120 Wolf Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer (the only Tier 9 Premium vehicle in the game) as well as the Episode 1 Completed status!

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  • The Episode starts on July 20 at 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT)
  • The Episode ends on August 19 at 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT)
  • The Episode progress is available on the Player Profile
  • My.com reserves the right to disqualify any player in breach of Terms of Service from the Campaign
  • Rewards are distributed automatically, the list of Episode 2 winners (players who achieved Episode 2 Completed status) will be made public after the end of Episode 2

Objective 1

  • Players can join either Joshua Seagrove or Kathryn Grey until August 17, 16:00 CEST (24 hours before the end of Episode 2)
  • Only raw reputation counts, Premium Time or Boosters do not affect the results
  • Players need to play at least 40 battles during the event period to be eligible for a prize
  • Ranking is combined for both servers
  • Objective 1 can be completed at the same time as Objective 2 or Objective 3

Objective 2

  • At least 1 battle needs to be played with any new vehicle for it to register as a highest Tier vehicle
  • Players who own the T-64AV Hunter already will receive 750 Gold instead
  • Objective 2 reward is only given out on the server where the Objective was completed

Objective 3

  • It is possible to combine vehicles (the 40 victories can for example consist of 20 M1A1 wins and 20 Bradley wins)
  • Objective 3 reward is only given out on the server where the Objective was completed

Bonus Objective

  • Objective 1 to 3 all have to be completed on the same server for the Bonus Objective to be awarded correctly


Overall Campaign Status


Storyline Status

  • Current Stage: Episode 2
  • Location: Al-Arish Base, Sinai Peninsula
  • Seahawk Manpower: 300
  • Morale: High
  • Joshua Seagrove: Alive, Neutral
  • Cathryn Grey: Alive, Neutral
  • Adrian Blackwood: Alive, Neutral

Player Status

  • Players Eligible for Ultimate Season 1 Reward: 2562
  • Episode 1 Bonus Objective: Not Completed

This section will expand with decision details as the storyline progresses.


Story So Far

This section allows players to follow the Lore of Armored Warfare and previous episodes. New to Armored Warfare Storyline? Please visit the following two articles:

Campaign Introduction Summary - Andrew Clayburn, a reclusive billionaire and the owner of Clayburn Industries, a massive corporation with its own private army, discussed the events of 2039 with Strom, his soon-to-be commander of military forces. He recalls the tale of the Intervention - a 2038 and 2039 campaign of his forces, led by the elite Task Force Seahawk unit, to pacify the Balkan region and bring it under his heel. The mission goes wrong due to the incompetence of the local Clayburn Commander, Peter Clayburn, who orders the Clayburn forces to commit genocide. Unwilling to accept such an order, the Seahawks turn rogue and attempt to flee Clayburn's wrath from Zagreb to Istanbul.

Campaign Introduction Storyline

Season 1 Introduction

It was a two hour drive from the teeming metropolis that was modern day London to the southern coast of England and by the end of the journey, sheer boredom of the cold, late autumn in the British countryside overcame Strom's initial anxiety.

Every town was the same – decrepit abandoned houses, boarded windows and the ever-present sense of hopelessness. They called the hills of England green once, he thought, but all he saw was grey. After twenty minutes, he slowly slipped into a half-sleep that was only interrupted by a nearly imperceptible shift in the hum of his car's electric engine that caught his attention.


The car slowly pulled up to a huge driveway, leading to a massive English country house. As if by a flip of a switch, the anxiety was instantly back. He knew how few people received this opportunity. Ever since he had received the unexpected invitation three days ago, he had been thinking about what to say. He was still thinking about it as he stepped out of the car into the cold, windy evening.

The air smelled of sea – a clear, salty scent, not the toxic garbage he was used to from London. He stopped for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling until a discreet cough from a nearby guard waiting to accompany him ended his reverie.

The house was surrounded by dozens of men. Some patrolling the vast gardens while several armor-clad heavy troops stood near the entrance, watching for a possible intruder. Nothing would get past them without their master's permission. Strom pulled his black uniform closer to his body as he walked the few steps from the car to the manor.

The inside of the house was as he had expected – a large number of hunting trophies adorned the walls and the footsteps of his and his guard's heavy military boots echoed through the vast entry hall. Most of the trophies had to be very old he pondered as he followed the guard to what he expected would be some sort of meeting room. There were no deer in Britain's forests anymore.

As he and his silent guard companion made their way into the massive building, he started to hear echoing music. The music got louder as they continued their journey through long halls and large rooms filled with all kinds of antique furniture until they arrived to a massive library. The slow, chilly sound of an electric guitar solo originated from a modern-looking gramophone in the middle of the room, right next to a sofa where an old man sat with his eyes closed.

The guard saluted and left, his departure only announced by the sound of the closing door behind them. Strom was not sure what to do, so he just stood there and glanced occasionally at the man on the sofa until his presence was acknowledged by a brief nod and a finger pointed to a nearby chair. Strom sat down.

Andrew Clayburn was a well-built man in his sixties. Strom tried to think of the best word to describe him, but all he could come up with was "unassuming". The only truly distinctive part of Clayburn's face was a major scar under his right eye. There was otherwise nothing pointing to the fact that Strom was sitting in a room with one of the richest and most powerful men on the planet. Very little was publicly known about Clayburn apart from his obvious role as the owner and head of Clayburn Industries, Strom's employer. There were the official photographs, but the real Clayburn looked nothing like them.

Clayburn was a legend, a self-made man who had built an industrial empire on the ashes of old world companies. Millions lived under the watchful eye of his private military force.

Private Military Force. The term was still used, as far as Strom knew, but in a world where private armies dwarfed those of many a country, it felt obsolete.

"Pink Floyd", said Clayburn.

Strom was caught off guard.


Clayburn pointed at the gramophone. Strom frowned.

"Sorry sir. Never heard of him."

Clayburn responded with a quiet chuckle as he reached out to the device and stopped the record.

"I suppose you wouldn't have. The whole album is about madness, the futility of life and existential anxiety. Not the kind of music they would play on corporate radio. But it's a mad world, out there, so it is quite fitting."

Clayburn waved his hand in the window's general direction.

"Don't you think?"

Strom felt Clayburn's piercing blue eyes study him and realized that he was being tested. He settled for a diplomatic answer – his belief was that soldiers were there to obey, not to question. Still, he felt he was expected to respond with something more than a simple 'Yes sir.' He took a short while to collect his thoughts.

"Perhaps somewhere. The world Clayburn Industries controls is in order."

Another chuckle. Now it was Clayburn's turn to pause a while before he responded.

"What if I told you that if you told someone two decades ago that people would be voluntarily giving up all their rights for the secure future of a corporate indentured contractor, everyone would laugh at you?”

Strom frowned again.

"They receive food, clothing and protection from the company. Everything they need. Better than to starve on the street."

"And yet, back then, nobody was starving. At least not here. It's easy to talk about rights when your neighborhood is safe and your belly is full."

Clayburn replied slowly, keeping his eyes on Strom.

Strom was a young man in his twenties. He only barely remembered the riots. He was but a child back then and did not understand what had happened and when he was old enough the teacher at the corporate school he attended wouldn't delve much into such topics. After all, the corporation provided all he and his parents needed – food, clothing and medicine for his mother. Strom felt genuinely grateful.

When he turned 18, he immediately entered the military division of Clayburn Industries and quickly rose through the ranks by his wits and loyalty. It was as it should be, he thought, a lifetime of his service for the company that provided for him and his kin.

"It's certainly better than the alternative, sir. Considering how the American south ended."

"Indeed..." Clayburn's voice trailed off, his eyes focused on something only he could see. When he finally continued, the shift in topic and the change in his voice indicated that he was finally getting to the true reason of the meeting.

"You are a smart man, which is why I assume you know why you are here."

Strom immediately straightened his back.

"I believe it has much to do with the Intervention and what followed, sir."

Clayburn nodded.

"Yes. We need loyal people now more than ever. You are to assume command of our reformed expeditionary forces. But before we proceed..." he paused, "you need to hear the whole story."

A maid entered with a tray of sandwiches and a teapot with two cups. She left them on the table and scurried away. Clayburn reclined on his sofa as he began to explain.

"It all started with Blackwood."

Season 1 Introduction Part 2

"As you know, it did not start as we had hoped," said Clayburn, his eyes focused on the cup of tea he was pouring himself.

They were all alone, the guards dismissed and the maids sent home. The whole house felt empty, as if something was missing. Too big a mansion for one person, Strom pondered – too clean, like it was only a stage set for some dramatic play he was now a part of. He forced himself to return his focus to Clayburn, who had just finished pouring milk into his Earl Grey.


"Local rebels made good advances in the first few days. Hajduks," Clayburn spat the word out with disdain, "they called themselves. They took Vukovar, Vinkovci and Osijek. Add the Lodestar meddling to that and we were in a world of trouble. Luckily for us, Erika once again decided to support groups that the rebels hated as much as us. Take Ali Fikret’s band for example."

"The butcher of Derventa."

"The one and only," Clayburn chuckled.

"We received reliable intel that the rebels called off several attacks against our forces only to let us wipe out his group to a man when his forces finally retreated north. Of course, the rebels claimed the victory – they dislodged him from Derventa after all – and with the support of local communes and leaders, including some high-profile members of the former governments of the region, their numbers swelled."

"But, sir, didn't the governments support our takeover?"

Clayburn's frown was almost imperceptible, but Strom noticed and knew he had just made a mistake.

"I expect you to be better informed than this. These... alternative facts are intended for our news networks, not for operatives with clearance as high as yours," said Clayburn before pausing to sip his tea.

"Regardless, the rebels almost overran our command center at one point – the staff escaped only because they let them."


"Why indeed," Clayburn replied, his eyebrows raised. Another test. Strom closed his eyes for a moment and focused before replying.

"Until that point, the entire operation had effectively been a police action. Was it to become anything else, we'd have to petition international organizations, but, in the end, this would only have been a bureaucratic obstacle for us. On the other hand, our units were under the general command of your nephew, Peter. Had he been captured or killed, they knew we'd never let it go and it was ultimately their land the war would ravage. Or so they thought."

Clayburn nodded absent-mindedly, suddenly lost in thought. After several minutes of silence, Strom dared to add.

"Peter has always been a brave man I've heard."

Clayburn frowned again. Another mistake.

"He was an idiot and an incompetent commander. He got his promotion based not on his merit but his name. A name does not a hero make and I should have paid more attention to family matters."

"I only meant..."

Clayburn sighed.

"It's alright. You didn't know. You couldn't have – in fact, that's one of the reasons why you are here. But tell me – do you know how Peter reacted to the situation?"

"He petitioned you to call in the Crimson Reavers."

Clayburn's face contorted into a sneer of disapproval.

"Indeed. Violence – that was his only response, instead of asking the right questions."

"But you denied his request."

"I did."

"Why? He could have used reinforcements. Any reinforcements. We had a whole brigade ready in Bielefeld."

"Now that, my dear Strom, is the right question."

The Assassin

  • Frankfurt, May 25 2039

The air smelled of rain, ozone and something else – that strange something only a late spring thunderstorm can deliver. As expected, the man nodded to himself. The drop in temperature triggered by the storm front didn’t bother him.

He looked up towards the high-rise. Up there, dozens of meters above him, a woman was running for her life.


He had dispatched her protectors quickly enough. His drug-enhanced physique and skills honed far beyond the level of simple corporate drones allowed him to cut through them like a hot knife through butter, leaving only bodies in his wake – some still twitching but none alive. As he entered the penthouse lobby, he saw her shadow, a blur running towards the final staircase that would take her to the roof, to the helicopter waiting for her, to safety. Or so she thought.

Two more guards appeared, shouting something in German. He gunned them down without a second thought. Quickly surveying the large room with the single glance of a true professional, he made his way towards the stairs where he had earlier seen his target. One man's escape route is another man's trap, he thought, amused by the prospect of her finding out that she just ran into his. There was no rush, their fates were both sealed now.

The well-oiled doors opened quietly as he stepped out into the rain and slowly walked towards the empty helipad, a pistol in his hand. She was there, just as he expected, looking out into the storm for a salvation that would not come.

She turned to him and said something but he didn't hear her over the sound of thunder. The downpour drenched her expensive outfit and destroyed her make-up, making her look... weak, he thought. He had seen her before of course, usually on a big screen talking to corporate masses like a queen of old. Not so regal now are we, he thought.

She pulled out a small handgun and fired at him several times. Not that such a weapon would penetrate his body armor, but hitting a person even at ten meters in pouring rain and when your life is on the line is far more difficult than it appears. She managed to fire off three shots before he closed in and grabbed her by the throat. She dropped the gun and tried to say something, but his iron grip prevented her from finishing a single word.

With a single motion, he threw her off the pad ledge and watched her body plummet into the misty depths below him. It almost felt wrong for so much power to end like this, he thought. But even the mightiest fall – sometimes quite literally. His soft chuckle at that final joke ended with a fit of wet coughing.

And then it was all over. He fell to his knees as the numerous gunshot wounds that riddled his dying body finally overcame his iron will. He expected his last thoughts to be of childhood, but there was just a feeling of overwhelming weariness – and then, only darkness.

The Warlord

  • Sarajevo, May 26 2039

"With the sudden death of Erika Schepke, the future of Lodestar GmbH remains uncertain. The shareholders..."

With a sigh, Vujic switched off the TV and dropped the remote control he was holding to the ground. He was tired, so incredibly tired. When the news came about the Reds retreating, he suddenly felt empty, the rage of the last few weeks began to dissipate. They had Clayburn and Lodestar running, their proxies annihilated and much of their resources either captured or destroyed. But at what cost, he thought, slowly opening his eyes and looking around the apartment he had found abandoned.

The flat had clearly belonged to an old woman once – there were old photos hanging around the walls, as faded as the memories that lingered in this place. There were knitted covers everywhere and he couldn't help thinking back to his own childhood, his grandmother knitting, always ready to offer him something to eat, claiming that he was "too thin." He smiled to himself – back then he found the constant offers of food annoying. But his grandmother had seen war and only now, thirty years later, did he realize she'd been onto something. Picking himself up, he strolled aimlessly, touching the dust-covered items left behind by whoever had called this place home. More rest would do me good, he finally decided, but his plans were interrupted by a knock at the door.

He turned towards it, his hand reaching for his pistol almost instinctively, but it was just his deputy commander. Dressed in an old and torn Serbian uniform, the man nodded at him and sat down on an old chair behind Vujic. He took a swig from a flask of beer he had brought with him and said:

"Talked to Dragomir. The Tihina boys are leaving and they are taking some supplies with them. There was a scuffle about that earlier but we managed to prevent any...", he paused, "unnecessary violence."

His emphasis on the word "unnecessary" made Vujic sigh in exasperation. He knew exactly what it meant.

"It's already falling apart, isn't it?"

A statement rather than an actual question.


"With Tihina gone, the Czechs, Polish and everyone else not directly tied to the cause will want their own piece of the pie", Vujic continued, more to himself than anyone else.

"We knew that this would happen eventually, but, for once, I'd have loved a week off", Vujic smiled sadly, "but the truth is that we need a new cause to at least control the descent into anarchy."

The other man smiled.

"And we might have just that. We just received an emissary from Clayburn. Not one of the local boys, an officer directly from London."


"Seems like some of his boys are going rogue. He wants us to take care of it. There's your cause, along with a nice heap of credits."

Vujic frowned.

"Why would the Reds want us to clean up their mess? They have their own lapdogs to take care of such things."

The other man smiled.

"Do we really care? We crushed them. Picking off a few stragglers for extra cash sounds like good deal to me. Plus, we'll be able to hold this shitshow together for a while longer. Maybe convince more people to stay. Either way, it's a win for us."

Vujic kept frowning, unconvinced.

"You know I hate being a corporate puppet, Dimitar. We did not lose thousands of men to corporate drones only to do their bidding again as soon as the fighting stops."

"We are not doing their bidding. For the first time, we are being treated as partners. As equals. Isn't that what you wanted all along?"

"Hm," Vujic grunted, "Let's talk to this emissary of theirs."

Episode 1 Summary - the fleeing Seahawks take losses from both the pursuing Clayburn forces and the local militias, but manage to reach Istanbul. The wily Seahawk commander, Adrian Blackwood, employs the service of an experienced mercenary commander Fyodor Sokolov, thanks to whose contacts in Istanbul the Seahawks are able to secure transportation. Unfortunately, the only form of transportation able to carry the Seahawk armored vehicles is an old and expensive mercenary flight of C-17 cargo planes without sufficient range to take them away from Clayburn's influence. An alternative plan is made - to travel instead to Cairo and from there to an abandoned American military base where a functional ship is waiting for them.

Episode 1 – “To Sail beyond the Sunset” Storyline

Episode 1 – “To Sail beyond the Sunset”

  • Zagreb, May 25 2039

The temporary command post was located just outside of the city amidst the ruins of what once had been a beautiful suburban area. The sapphire sky, the sweet smell of acacias and the songs of birds, oblivious to the carnage below, made the place feel almost idyllic.

The district had been a home to many once, a long time ago – but massive recession and the everlasting conflict drove its inhabitants away to seek their fortune in the arms of world's greedy corporations. A generation, born free but destined to die as slaves in all but name.

The bright colors of late spring contrasted with the decaying house ruins, the debris lying everywhere that nobody had bothered to clean for many long years and the dour faces of men in Clayburn uniforms, carrying large unmarked boxes and loading them on trucks. The evacuation was in full swing – such was the price of defeat, Seagrove thought sadly.

He passed Major Kathryn Grey, sitting on her tank, staring blankly into the distance. The sight of someone else he knew was sharing his misery somehow lifted his spirits a bit.

"Kate!" he shouted.

"I hate when you call me that and you know it", she responded with a serious face, but he recognized faint traces of a smile behind her expression.

"That I do. Still waiting for the boss?"

Any traces of amusement disappeared from her face. She nodded.

"He's late. It's not like him. And that Clayburn whelp is just looking for someone to pin the blame on."

He glanced towards the command tent, erected between two walls of a ruined house – right on time to notice Blackwood approaching with a grim expression on his face. Seagrove liked the man. Blackwood knew when to push and when to let things slide. He was a stocky man of an undetermined age – perhaps in his late fifties, Seagrove guessed. His hair was grey and his round rather jovial face usually carried a sly smile. Not today though.

Blackwood waved at them both and Seagrove went to join him. Behind him, Grey jumped down from her vehicle as he approached the tent entrance.

The inside was hot. The stale air smelled of dust and sweat despite the valiant efforts of a small air conditioning unit, trying to keep the inside cold while being woefully inadequate for such a job. There must be a parallel there, Seagrove thought, as he followed Blackwood towards the main operations table where the author of this disaster stood, his hands behind his back, watching them. His impatience was palpable.

Peter Clayburn was, if the official Andrew Clayburn photograph was to be believed, nothing like his uncle. Around 25 years old, he was tall but his almost black hair, the shape of his dark brown eyes and his tanned skin hinted at southern origin.

His visage was, of course, not the only thing that separated him from his uncle – where Andrew Clayburn was known to possess calm intelligence, his nephew was prone to rash decisions and Seagrove often wondered how he had found himself in a commanding position. Were one of his subordinates to behave like that, he'd never even consider promoting him.

"Blackwood," said Peter Clayburn finally.

"At your command."

Knowing the man better than most people, Seagrove felt that he recognized a trace of sarcasm in the response, but Blackwood kept his expression neutral.

"I'll be brief, Blackwood. You failed me. When I received word that my Uncle Andrew personally recommended you, I expected more. My report on your performance will not be flattering."

What a pompous prick, Seagrove thought, but Blackwood's face was still perfectly neutral. He suddenly felt Grey's tension behind him.

Clayburn continued: "I have one last task for you. We'll leave this hole with a present they won't soon forget. We've received some intelligence that families of high-ranking Hajduk terrorists are holed up in the town of Samobor, some 20 clicks west from here."

He paused to check his tablet. After a short while, he nodded.

"Go. Take the Seahawks and level it to the ground. No quarter. They need to learn not to mess with us."

With that, he picked up the tablet again and started scrolling through the rows of tactical information. After a few seconds, he glanced up from his work.


Nobody moved.

Seagrove felt in shock. He turned back to see Grey stare at him with the same horror and disbelief reflecting on her face that he felt. He often wondered later on whether the word he had heard next was one of the bravest or one of the most terrifying things he had ever heard.


Now it was Clayburn's turn to stare at Blackwood incredulously.


"I won't carry out that order."

Clayburn continued to stare at Blackwood in disbelief before he roared. The reaction was so violent that, over the shock from the situation, Seagrove couldn't help but wonder whether the man in front of him was actually sane.

"I am the commander here! You do as I say, Blackwood! One call to my uncle and you are dead. Your entire family is dead. I'll brand your unit traitors and we'll hunt them down like dogs. You didn't fight hard enough, but you did put your men above my orders because you thought you knew better. That ends now. No more compromises."

By now, Peter Clayburn was actually shouting. When Blackwood responded, it wasn't an angry roar of a lion but rather a hiss of a snake, silent but equally as deadly.

"Listen to me, boy, and listen well. I've been carving empires since before you were born. You throw the name of your uncle around, but you haven't even met him in your life. I have, he is a formidable man and you are nothing like him. Now, rescind that order, accept your defeat gracefully and maybe you can salvage this whole mess to your benefit."

Blackwood paused to regain his composure before he continued.

"Peter, if we do this, there will be no going back. We will never establish a foothold in the region. Let me reach out to your uncle, we can find a solution together."

Right then, at that moment, Seagrove realized that Blackwood had just made a terrible mistake. He watched Clayburn's face turned red.

"You dare think you know better what my uncle wants than his own blood?!"

Even Blackwood seemed to be taken aback by the rage in Clayburn's voice.

"No, I..."

"You have one hour, Blackwood. One hour to depart and execute my orders. If you don't, don't bother returning here. I will find you myself."

Another wave of shock washed over Seagrove. This can't be happening. As if in a dream, both Seagrove and Grey followed Blackwood out of the tent until they were too far from anyone there to overhear then.

"Well then," Blackwood said, smiling suddenly. "Our bags are already packed. I heard Istanbul is nice this time of the year."

Once again, Seagrove just stared at him in disbelief. Grey suddenly yelled out:

"You knew this would happen? How? What did we just witness? The outrage? Was that all an act? I don't understand..."

Blackwood turned serious again.

"I knew because Clayburn had ordered another unit to carry out that command last night and they too went rogue. We'll be meeting them on the way. We're not murderers, Kathryn. Well, most of us aren't," he smiled sadly.

"We'll give our people a choice, which is more than what Clayburn gave us. Some will stay. Some will follow. I don't know about you, but I've had enough of this place."

Forgotten in the Sand”

  • Somewhere on the road to Istanbul, June 5 2039

The last part of the convoy was slowly moving through the countryside – heavy haulers followed by the rear-guard host under Sergeant Mourois, sitting on top of his Stryker as if he didn’t have a worry in the world, a cigarette barely hanging from his lips. Seagrove knew this was how the man coped with the danger they were in, the air of calmness a cover for the pressure they were all under.

The worst fighting was behind them, it seemed. Two days ago, they tricked a Clayburn convoy into a clash with one of the local militias and managed to gain considerable distance from their pursuers while they were busy shooting at each other. They were, however, not out of the woods yet. Both proverbial and literal, Seagrove thought, looking around at the forest-covered hills surrounding the road the convoy was moving on.

Major Grey was sitting on top of her tank as usual, an unlit cigarette in her mouth, checking her pockets for a lighter. Seagrove frowned. He never knew her to be a smoker, yet here she was, trying to pick up the habit many men under their command had a hard time dropping. Cigarettes were rare these days.

He caught up to the trailer on which her tank was fastened simply by running. Another problem – they moved way too slow. Hopefully they would pick up the pace down the road. Wordlessly, he sat next to her and offered her his zippo. She looked up in surprise.

“You smoke, Josh?”

He smiled.

“Nope. But as my old man told me once, a man needs to carry only three things to make in the world. A pen, a lighter and a pack of condoms.”

She spat out with laughter, the cigarette falling from her lips straight into the open turret hatch of her tank. A muffled curse was heard from the inside as one of Grey’s crewmembers saw the cigarette and thought that it was lit.

“Goddamn it. Now you owe me a cig,” she frowned but the mock anger never reached her blue eyes.

They sat there, enjoying the view of the countryside, the earthly smell only a late spring can deliver and each other’s company. Closing your eyes, he thought, you’d never be able to tell that there’s a war going on. After a while, she broke the silence.

“Do you think we’ll make it?”

Despite her unchanged expression, he felt that this time, the question was dead serious.

“Sure. There’s always someone willing to sell something in Istanbul. And we took a whole pile of Clayburn’s credit chits. The old man will pay for our transportation and then some,” he grinned.

Certain sadness crept into her eyes.

“Did I ever tell you how I got to Europe in the first place?”

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at her. She never talked about her past and everyone who knew her knew better than to pry. The question was a rhetorical one and they both knew that. There was another long pause before she continued. “I was eighteen when I was sent here. God, I can’t believe it’s been more than a decade already”, she sighed.

“We were first sent to the El Arish base in North Africa.”

He frowned.

“Never heard of it.”

“You wouldn’t have I suppose,” she said with a sad smile. “It went defunct shortly after I passed through it. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of traffic. The might of the United States at the height of its power. It made us all proud. And then it went all to shit.”

He nodded. For him, the decline of the United States was something he had seen on television, something that could now be found in history book at the end, the “fall of an Empire” chapter. For her, it was personal. A chain of historical events crammed into two decades of her life, tearing her apart as only a slow destruction of the country you grew up loving can.

After another brief pause, he somehow felt that she was ready to talk further.

“Tell me about El Arish.”

Reaching Bulgaria”

The journey across Serbia into Bulgaria proved treacherous with signs of Hajduk internal strife and fragmentation more and more obvious as the Seahawks made their way across the war-torn country. Small groups of Hajduks harassed them until they reached Belgrade, where a commandeered cargo train took them further south, towards Niš, Pirot and, finally, Sofia and Istanbul.

Even from the train, further decay of the broken country was obvious. In the aftermath of the Clayburn and Lodestar intervention, wide swathes of the countryside were devastated by conflict with burned-out wrecks of military vehicles a common sight. Whole districts of cities were reduced to rubble under the merciless onslaught of all three sides with the fighting fiercest where brother fought brother in a cruel re-enactment of the Yugoslav civil war more than four decades earlier.


The Seahawks lost a several vehicles to skirmishes and ambushes and were only able to recover them shortly prior to their departure south, leaving them salvaged but unrepaired, a dead weight that some members of the group argued for leaving behind. Blackwood refused all such requests and the mechanics worked around the clock to keep them operational with what little they had. Despite the effort, two Abrams tanks had proved irrecoverable.

Occasional firefights erupted every few days between local militias and the Seahawks – luckily for them, various militia groups and warbands were interested in fighting each other as they were fighting the fleeing Seahawks and their willingness to engage the Seahawks in battle was lower with every passing day, Seahawk victory and escaped ambush.

The unit reached the Bulgarian border near Dimitrovgrad in relatively good order with few losses. Several wounded men and women were, along with sufficient funds, left in the local hospital. And on the Bulgarian border, they found an unlikely ally.

  • Dimitrovgrad, June 16 2039

The place was really clean for a bar, Seagrove thought, as he entered the establishment with Blackwood. The cozy wooden walls were decorated with old, faded photos of men in a motley collection of uniforms, long since dead. Blackwood caught him staring at the pictures.

“Some things never change.”

Looking around the bar, Seagrove had to agree. He passed a couple of Bulgarian paramilitaries wearing Tihina colors and sat with Blackwood down at an ancient-looking plain wooden table, a network of scars and etches on its surface reflecting the place’s colorful history. The man across the table didn’t even look up, fully focused on peeling the red apple with his old pocket knife. His nondescript military uniform, albeit patched on several places, was kept meticulously clean, the sidearm lying on the table in front of him well-oiled and ready to use. His stern face did not express any emotions.

“Commander Sokolov.”

The man continued to ignore him, his focus solely on the piece of fruit in his hand, as if it was the most important thing in the entire universe. After a brief pause, Blackwood continued.

“We’d like to hire your services.”

Again, no reaction.

“We pay cash.”

The man carefully slicked a piece of his now fully peeled apple and started chewing on it, finally looking Blackwood in the eyes.

“And just what do you need me and Finist for?”

“Finist?” Seagrove asked.

“My tank.”

“We heard that you are the man to talk to when it comes to business in Istanbul. And that you hate Clayburn.”

Sokolov gave Blackwood a long, appraising look before he finally nodded.

“Come in the evening. We will discuss details.”

Blackwood nodded, ready to leave, but Seagrove frowned, unimpressed by what he perceived as aloof behavior.

“I have to ask. Why Finist? Why name a tank after a fairy tale? Isn’t that a bit childish?”

Sokolov’s face immediately hardened, his eyes narrowed.

“You are young. Let me give you a piece of advice. For free. Never mock anyone’s culture. It is the key to every man’s...” he struggled for a short while to find the right expression. “True self.”

“Even fairy tales?”

“Especially fairy tales”, Sokolov concluded, waving his hand dismissively, once again fully focused on his apple.

Time Enough for War”

  • Near Istanbul, June 29 2039

The journey across Bulgaria was mostly uneventful with Sokolov’s influence buying them enough time to reach Istanbul in one piece. Now, the City of Mercenaries stood before them in all its glory.

Seagrove was fascinated by the striking contrast between the outskirts poverty and the wealth of the downtown skyline, millions of lights turning even the darkest night into day even as the outlying areas drowned in darkness.

Such was the wealth of corporations, he thought, as he sat on a rock near his tank, admiring the sunrise. The first sun’s crimson reflecting on the towers of glass and metal made it look like the entire horizon was on fire.

It was a breathtaking sight, yet Seagrove’s mind was racing with worries. The truth was that it was a miracle they made it this far. His combat leadership combined with Sokolov’s contacts brought them here, but the near future depended on Blackwood’s ability to secure the passage in a city full of hostile corporations that now considered them outlaws. Direct violence was prohibited within the city limits and the city itself acted as a safe haven to all but the worst of criminals, but Blackwood’s and Sokolov’s skills would be tested to the limit to keep them from obtaining that particular brand.

He nearly jumped in surprise when Sokolov suddenly sat next to him with a cup of coffee in his hand. A wide grin appeared on his face as he noticed Seagrove’s discomfort.

“You should not let anyone sneak up on you, my friend.”

Seagrove frowned.

“We’re friends now?”

Sokolov grinned again.

“No. It’s just something people say.”

The grin faded as he patted his pockets. Finally he found a half-empty pack of cigarettes. Methodically, as if it was the most important thing in the world, he pulled one out and lit it with a lighter he stored in the same pack. The acrid smell of low-quality cigarette smoke filled the air. Almost as an afterthought, Sokolov offered the pack to Seagrove, who just shook his head.

The silence dragged on with both men just admiring the view. Seagrove finally turned towards the other man.


Sokolov raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Why did you join Blackwood? It wasn’t just for the credits.”

Sokolov turned away, gazing towards the horizon, the cigarette limp on his lips. Seagrove was about to pick himself up and leave, not expecting to receive an answer, but Sokolov gestured for him to stay. When he finally started talking, his response caught Seagrove off-guard.

“Tell me. What is history?”

Seagrove frowned, unsure as to what to reply.

“History is history. Everything that happened.”

Sokolov smiled.

“No. History is just a collection of stories people tell. And I happen to like stories. I was there when the Hellhounds fell and when the Remnant took their revenge before retreating east. Good stories, those.”

“But what does that have to do with us?”

Sokolov finished smoking his cigarette and looked up, exhaling the last breath of smoke against the ruby sky.

“I have a feeling your story will be a good one.”

Episode 1 Conclusion

  • Istanbul, July 3 2017

The old warehouse was dark and damp – just the kind of environment all kinds of scum thrive on, Blackwood thought as he once again wondered if the whole plan of his was actually a good idea. Perhaps it was too complex after all. Plans within plans, layers of secrecy and deception, all of that to keep his enemies at bay.

But, he told himself, this was what he lived for – to see his carefully laid plan come to fruition. He had lived through a tumultuous time and simple fighting did not excite him anymore. But this... this was another game entirely.

He smiled at the man next to him. For all his wisdom and experience, Sokolov didn’t look through his ruse. Not yet. He might eventually, but if that ever came to pass, Blackwood would be ready. Sokolov was a practical man – he would come around. The other two, however, were a different story. Seagrove was smart but young and naive and Grey was just too embittered. Besides, he knew her secret – there was very little Blackwood didn’t know.

His line of thought was interrupted by the arrival of the person they were both waiting for. A small, shifty man of middle-eastern descent was carefully approaching them, his eyes darting around, looking for danger lurking in the shadows. He’d find none – Blackwood made sure they weren’t followed and Sokolov bribed a few local boys to keep an eye out for trouble.

Sokolov came forward first and extended his arm in greeting. Blackwood followed his lead.

“Ahmed. A pleasure.”

He turned towards Blackwood.

“Adrian, this is Ahmed Ibrahim, an old partner of mine.”

The other man only nodded and shook their hands. His grip was weak and his palms sweaty – he was clearly nervous and only the prospect of a lucrative deal, offered on Seahawk’s behalf by Sokolov, drew him out into this open. However, appearances can be deceptive, Blackwood reminded himself and the idea amused him greatly. He had to suppress the urge to grin. In Ibrahim’s case, it certainly was mostly deception – nobody would expect such a diminutive man to be one of the most important middlemen in Istanbul.

Ibrahim shifted his attention to Sokolov and smiled nervously for the first time. A brilliant act, Blackwood was sure, honed to perfection.

“Glad to see you again, effendi.”

Sokolov smiled in return so genuinely that Blackwood thought whether he had underestimated the old commander after all.

After a few more pleasantries, the three men sat on the dusty crates that littered the decrepit warehouse – despite being dressed in a light suit, Ibrahim didn’t seem to mind the dirt, a sign of wealth, Blackwood decided. Or yet another act.

“So, to business then. You, gentlemen, and your people need to get out of Istanbul. Fast. The word’s already out on the street about what happened. Despite this city’s... how shall I put it,” Ibrahim waved his hand dismissively, “official neutrality, Clayburn holds tremendous influence all over Europe, even here. It’s only a question of time before he gets the Corporate Council to vote for your expulsion.”

“You are, after all, renegades,” he smiled apologetically.

Sokolov nodded.

“Fair enough, that’s why we are here. We have money and we need ships. Enough to move us to the Mediterranean and across the ocean.”

Ibrahim barked with laughter.

“Effendi, you might as well wish for a unicorn.”

Sokolov frowned and it took Blackwood a lot of effort not to show his disappointment.

“Come on, Ahmed. I know you can do better than that. You have that kind of reputation.”

Once again, Ibrahim glanced around to make sure they were alone.

“Nobody will deal with outlaws, Fyodor, you know that. Not officially, anyway, but the nasty business in the Balkans keeps all the captains on edge. And nobody wants to get on Clayburn’s bad side; such people have a nasty habit of disappearing. You heard about Lodestar, I presume?”

Both men nodded. Ibrahim shook his head with mock sadness.

“Nasty business that. Sending an assassin so juiced up on combat cocktail that even a private army couldn’t stop him, a bad way to go. And that was Lodestar’s own HQ – who knows what can happen in Istanbul.”

The three men sat in silence for a while, pondering the information. Blackwood frowned to himself. Yes. That was the thing about the terror tactics employed by the Clayburn Corporation. They worked. Finally, Ibrahim broke the silence.

“There might be a way though.”


Ibrahim sighed.

“Back in better days, Turkey used to be a powerful ally of the United States. There was a large military base. Abandoned now, of course, like so many others.”

The sun was already high in the sky and the warehouse was warming up rather quickly. Ibrahim wiped his brow with a handkerchief before continuing.

“I happen to know a few gentlemen who managed to salvage some valuable equipment from there. Including a rather large number of C-17 planes.”

Sokolov was about to say something but Ibrahim stopped him with a raised hand.

“I offer no guarantee that they will listen or agree to anything, but a pile of credits might change their minds. A very, very large pile of credits,” he concluded and gave Blackwood an important look.

Sokolov kept frowning.

“That’s no good. Even at their best, these planes don’t have the range we need to get away from Clayburn’s influence. Half of Africa is in his pocket, or another corporation. The world is a small place to hide.”

Ibrahim shrugged.

“It’s either that or nothing, effendi.”

“Hmm... I think I might have an idea,” said Blackwood with a thoughtful expression, finally nodding to himself.

“I’ve heard of another abandoned base in Sinai. I’ll have to ask my people. But for now... we have a deal, mister Ibrahim.”

Ibrahim smiled.

“Excellent. I will contact you as soon as I know something.”

He extended his hand. They shook it and the meeting was concluded. Ibrahim slid down from the crate, once again oblivious to the state of his suit, and, despite its white color, disappeared into the shadows in the last act of showmanship.

As they headed out through the door, they heard his voice echo through the room for the last time.

“Oh and gentlemen? Please try not to die until then.”

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  262. CrazyMouse
  263. CrazyTercio
  264. creed69
  265. Cril
  266. Cristen55
  267. Cristi1970RO
  268. Crucis
  269. Crumzy
  270. crusader_sk
  271. CRYSYS1313-SPY
  272. CTG-Balu
  273. CursedShadows
  274. cybulelk
  275. cyclops
  276. Cykasek
  277. Cyrnial
  278. Cyrus
  279. czarny130
  280. czesioo22
  281. Daids
  282. Dalamides
  283. Dalpinae
  284. Damior
  285. dandan76
  286. Dan-Eugen
  287. Daniel_R81
  288. daniel32
  289. DanishSkull
  290. DanloJr
  291. Dantaro
  292. Darakna
  293. Darius27
  294. Dark
  295. Dark_Rider
  296. Dark_Star
  297. DarkDamokles
  298. DarkGuru
  299. darkhop
  300. Darklor
  301. DarkLuczifer
  302. Dark-Moon-848
  303. DarkPillWarrior
  304. darkseed
  305. Darkside83
  306. Darkwing
  307. Darkwings
  308. darrel86
  309. DarthYoda
  310. dartmor
  311. Dartten
  312. Das_Dodo
  313. Das_Reicht
  314. Das_UFO
  315. DasWarIchNicht
  316. Dat-Adam
  317. David0725
  318. Davide_pantera
  319. DawidoffPrime
  320. Dawntracker
  321. Dayan78
  322. DC_Skyeye
  323. DcS102
  324. DeadMen87
  325. Deedle
  326. DEFEKTx
  327. DeflesheD
  328. dejtarisz
  329. Dekkion
  330. delite216
  331. deLooney
  332. delpierrowyko
  333. Delta
  334. Delta-Fox
  335. Dema1904
  336. Denis31
  337. dennisthemenace
  338. denny2009
  339. DennyVDG
  340. dens
  341. Der_Gepard
  342. Der_Luxemburgee
  343. Destero
  344. Deusit
  345. Devasmat
  346. Dexter_Lanache
  347. DEXTER1
  348. dexter63
  349. Deysy
  350. dez1980
  351. dfnce
  352. dfrom
  353. dgordan
  354. dgreg1
  355. Diablo1982
  356. diamont_33
  357. DianeBlake
  358. Diemetius
  359. Dikkehond
  360. Dimak
  362. diobol1967
  363. Discolitze
  364. Division99
  365. DizzyOne
  366. DjWojt
  367. DM61
  368. Dody70
  369. dogbert
  370. dogbite
  371. Dogman65
  372. Doktor_Plama
  373. DOM_FIN
  374. Dominator_N7
  375. DoMiNoEZ
  376. dongs_ding
  377. Doomgiver
  378. DorotaMachalova
  379. Dosenbier
  380. Doukas
  381. dov13
  382. Dr_Mustachio
  383. draans
  384. DrAgon70
  385. Dragonbreath1
  386. Drakemar
  387. Draki11
  388. Draugcz
  389. Dreckshund
  390. Dreddie
  391. Drehstuhlranger
  392. DrGuell
  393. drlektroluv
  394. DrowPL
  396. DrSmoke
  397. drunkenknight15
  398. drunktank74
  399. Druschel
  400. DrWalter
  401. Drysyn
  402. duckbill
  403. durchgekaut
  404. DUTINKA11
  405. dux666
  406. Dzejro
  407. DziadekMuminka
  408. DziadekSmerf
  410. EarlofGrey
  411. EasyBOT
  412. EataLot
  413. Ebony
  414. ecodri
  415. Ectorr
  416. Edextrem
  417. edi30
  418. Edukas
  419. EgonOlsen
  420. Eil1999
  421. Eisenherz
  422. EisernerGustav
  423. Eisman72
  424. Eispick
  425. Elbandyta
  426. elgreco1978
  427. ElLobo
  428. Ellord
  429. elpageo
  430. Eltanin
  431. Elveys
  432. EmpressUltima
  433. Enerzy
  434. ENOS44
  435. Equileos
  436. erad8r
  437. EraserDuck
  438. ErebosGR
  439. Erres-NL
  440. ersatzniere
  441. Eryk605
  442. EsEsliErsan
  443. Eskobar68
  444. euosmos
  445. Evil_Mike
  446. Evil_Snowman
  447. EvilDuck
  448. Exaxxion
  449. ExcorzisT
  450. exila
  451. ezazis
  452. Ezio1899
  453. F3NRI3
  454. F4ll0utB0y
  455. Faalk
  456. Faenwolf
  457. Fahn
  458. Failtrain
  459. Fajabala
  460. fanatyk_stringów
  461. fantank
  462. fantomasa
  463. fcb1899
  464. fcgvkmfcgvf2157
  465. Fe4tHeR
  466. FeelOfDanger
  467. fel1x
  468. Feldanos
  469. Felerian01
  470. Femy
  471. Fent
  472. Ferous496
  473. Ferrit
  474. Feuerschmied
  475. fezk12
  476. fighter67
  477. finsterfettsack
  478. Firefighter0855
  479. firefighter111
  480. Fireman81
  481. Flagg
  482. Flajunio
  483. Flash512
  484. Flatliner_01
  485. fleespy
  486. FLINT
  487. Flo83
  488. florinelbv
  489. FlyingDutchman
  490. Flyingwiesel
  491. Fourever4
  492. Foxhound1
  493. france_player
  494. frank1803
  495. FrankGTB
  496. Franky74
  497. FrankyNishizumi
  498. Franzer
  499. FranzSt
  500. fredlancero
  501. Freezefrag
  502. friedenspanzer
  503. Friponier
  504. FRMZT
  505. Frostgaard
  506. Frosty
  507. FroxyCz
  508. Fruchthund
  509. FU2RAZOR
  510. FuBaRxx
  511. FulcrumForce
  512. fungames
  513. Funky_Kowal
  514. FuriosaSteel
  515. FusigonusPuf
  516. fxmann
  517. Fyathyrio
  518. Gabriel09TR
  519. Gajdar
  520. Gallart
  521. gameopa
  522. garcamel1981
  523. gargamel2005
  524. Garik
  525. GAVTYV
  526. GAZ_Vodnik
  527. gaztheman38
  528. Gecko75
  529. Gedas87
  530. Gedux
  531. Geipler
  532. Gejb
  533. General_Electric
  534. General_Jeno
  535. GeneralBannon
  536. generalrudi1234
  537. georges_gr
  538. georgiosgt
  539. GetPenetrated
  540. getuppa
  541. GhosT0850
  542. GhostRiderTD
  543. Giana
  544. Giannicz1
  545. GIGGOLO
  546. giorgosrd
  547. Glouton
  548. Gnavpot
  549. GnuBee
  550. Godyl
  551. gogous
  552. goguxx2000
  553. GoJoe
  554. goldi4728162
  555. GolemXIV
  556. gollum50
  557. gomez_xD
  558. gonzale3
  559. Goofy
  560. Gorrann
  561. GrandPhoenix
  562. Greatmastery
  563. GrizzlyBear
  564. Grolfnar
  565. Grolim
  566. Gronks
  567. groszek7
  568. groudon
  569. Gryne
  570. grzegorzldz
  571. GUDERIAN74
  572. GuiGnoLe
  573. guigui61
  574. Gummihammer
  575. GummyBeer
  576. Gunhead72
  577. GUNHED507
  578. gunner2000
  579. GunQs
  580. Gunsmith86
  581. GuntherK
  582. gurkenhannes
  583. guru_78
  584. Gushterul
  585. guziorr1
  586. H1Z1
  587. H3dsh0t
  588. H3lbrecht
  589. Hacilar
  590. Hades83PL
  591. hairylemon
  592. Hakrotis
  593. Halfbreed
  594. HaltbarBis2019
  595. Hans_Gruber
  596. HanysB
  597. HappySmasher
  598. Harkin
  599. harkonblood
  600. Has168
  601. hasenohr
  602. Haukon
  603. Hauptmann
  604. Hauste
  605. Hawk91
  606. HCP77
  607. heavymetalnoise
  608. Heckebrunser
  609. Heftigo
  610. heks2015
  611. hellfir
  612. Hellfire7
  613. HellScream
  614. helsinek
  615. Hendrik
  616. herald17
  617. HeresJohnny
  618. Hermez
  619. Herox
  620. Herr_General
  621. herrderhoelle1
  622. Herrusnak
  623. Hessi-James
  624. Hfero
  625. HgFish
  626. Highhopes1
  627. himanek
  628. Hiro86
  629. HKWolf
  630. Hlavatej
  631. HMS_Enterprise
  632. Hoax15
  633. hofigaba
  634. hohokol
  635. Honto
  636. hope_zzzz
  637. Horadrim
  638. horas74
  639. Horax
  640. Hornfy
  641. Horor4
  642. hortico
  643. Hoschi74
  644. Huawei37
  645. HulluH
  646. Humberto
  647. hun_mihu
  648. Huninvisible
  649. Hunta
  650. Hunter78
  651. HusarPL
  652. hvarski
  653. HWI1
  654. Hyahieja
  655. ChakalPt1
  656. Chapaman
  657. charly28981
  658. Cheaterfan96
  659. CheeseHead2
  660. chefeandi
  661. Chevayo
  662. Chiller_14
  663. chimenea
  664. Chiorny_Oriol
  665. chrisdude
  666. chrisking
  667. chrisorko
  668. ChristianID
  669. Chuky
  670. ian381
  671. IceBreak
  672. iceheart
  673. iceT974
  674. IceViking
  675. ID71GER
  676. Ihrereiner
  677. ikinoki
  678. iklas30
  679. ilis
  680. ilkimys
  681. ILooseBrain
  682. Iluvatar
  683. ImmortanJoe
  684. Imperator71
  685. impgoon
  686. inderklemme
  687. InnerSpace
  688. insanety
  689. inside_tank
  690. Instanz
  691. intk
  692. INto_TANK
  693. Into_The_Fire
  694. INTRUDERVS1400
  695. Iosifek
  696. IRetributionI
  697. Iron_Cross
  698. Ironclads
  699. IronSoul
  700. IronSurgeon
  701. irontango
  702. Irrer_Ivan
  703. Iscandahar
  704. ISecutorI
  705. ishamael
  706. ivand73
  707. izaitom
  708. J3thr0
  709. jaca1983
  710. jackalcro
  711. jackhro
  712. Jadeite
  713. jadmanthrat
  714. Jagdar69
  715. Jak_Sparotz
  716. jakub_czyli_ja
  717. jakub-wedrowycz
  718. James_Ryan
  719. janek4575
  720. Jarda_Scrounger
  721. jarekw124
  722. jargaw
  723. jaro138
  724. Jarossa
  725. Javar
  726. javelintm
  727. JayDeeKay
  728. jbo78
  729. jediwomble
  730. Jimmiboots
  731. Jinxy
  732. Jirik_AW
  733. Jiteman
  734. jjacc
  735. JJackson
  736. Jlexa
  737. JobTheConqueror
  738. joergdr
  739. johnnyrot10
  740. Johnson
  741. Jollij
  742. JollyRoger
  743. JookeRny
  744. Jowisz1976
  745. JuanS1N0mbr3
  746. JuggernautiiX
  747. Juggernuts
  748. Julius_der_111
  749. Jumpinjag
  750. Juppe91
  751. JustANewb
  752. Jykke71
  753. K0maTic
  754. K1RAZLORD
  755. K320_HuN
  756. Königstiger_27
  757. kaakeli
  758. KaDar
  759. kadena64
  760. Kahr
  761. kaidakori
  762. Kailim
  763. kaiser80
  764. KaktusOne
  765. Kal_Jerico
  766. kalak
  767. Kaleidoskop
  768. Kaliburn1
  769. kalwasek
  770. kamicio
  771. Kampfhase
  772. Kampfwurst74
  773. Karakula
  774. Karath
  775. Karsh
  776. Kasmahl
  777. KastenStahl
  778. katana84
  780. katoda_ltd
  781. KawaiiPanzer
  782. Kaydenn
  783. KB000m
  784. keef13
  785. Keksdealer
  786. Kempes
  787. KengoesBOOM
  788. Kepelian
  789. Kerian
  790. Keyanu
  791. Khargster
  792. Khazam13
  793. Kieler00
  794. KIELPIN
  795. Kieran
  796. kika
  797. Killah_Ghost
  798. Killar666
  799. Killasmile
  800. Killer_Plautze
  801. KillerGreis
  802. Killswitch1984
  803. kimica
  804. KingGeorge1
  805. KingMadMax
  806. KingRED
  807. Kitchenkiller
  808. Kjuno
  809. Kjusofnik
  810. kkzz233
  811. KlausHetti
  812. klauskloetzl
  813. Klede
  814. Kleener1976
  815. Klendatu
  816. Klosharina
  817. Knappe04
  818. knausis
  819. Knolle86
  820. Knute
  821. KociaMorda
  822. Koenigs_Tiger19
  823. KOHPAD64
  824. kokokielo
  825. kolan
  826. kolis86
  827. koliz_1972
  828. Kollelok
  829. Konis
  830. konisch
  831. KonradElitePL
  832. Korsar83
  833. Kostas_Gamer
  834. kowboj54
  835. Kpt_Zeppos
  836. Kpt_Znorre
  837. Kr1g3r
  838. kr1s3
  839. KR1ST0F
  840. Kraktor_Alpha
  841. Kramac
  842. Kri254
  843. Kriksos2016
  844. Krill
  845. Kronos1952
  846. Krosulh
  847. Krteczek45
  848. Kruko
  849. krumpa
  850. kruszonk
  851. krzychsus
  852. Ksix81
  853. Kubi12
  854. kukucska
  855. Kulfonix
  856. kulpin
  857. kuno1511
  858. kurdi
  859. Kurt_C_Hose
  860. kynrav
  861. Kzin
  862. l_cofe
  863. Lacoka
  864. LacsuHUN
  865. ladik79
  866. Lagrenouille
  867. Lakhla
  868. LAPICKI83
  869. lara
  870. LauraLas
  871. Lautkunst
  872. Lavikon
  873. LcDruid
  874. Le_Chacal
  875. Learis
  876. LeftMausKlick
  877. LEGOLAS
  878. Leinado
  879. Lemmydanger
  880. lenkosz
  881. Leo999
  882. LeOn05
  883. Leonluis
  884. LeoSayersWig
  885. lesny8522
  886. LESZEK22
  887. Lexaurin
  888. LexGeneralis
  889. Lighthammer777
  890. Lightstorm
  891. LimpDirk
  892. Lindoli
  893. Lion_66
  894. Lionjana
  895. lipper
  896. Liquid_Soul
  897. Lith
  899. Little_Zerberus
  900. LizzieTheLizard
  901. Locklie
  902. LoneMalamute
  903. Lord_Nusspli
  904. Lord_Randall
  905. LordDoe
  906. LordDrago
  907. LordOfWar
  908. lordok
  909. LordUllrich
  910. Losmarcos
  911. Louis_Pasteur
  912. LowTech
  913. Lt_Blechtonne
  914. lubos815
  915. Luciusger
  916. luckytown77
  917. Ludfor
  918. Lukas1989
  919. Lukaso_v_Teschen
  920. Lukx
  921. Lupercaal
  922. Lutze
  923. Luzi62
  924. Lyeis
  925. Lynx2001
  926. Lythron
  927. M0rtalW0mbat
  928. m0stw4nt3d
  929. M106Paladin
  930. M471n
  931. m4st3r
  932. Mündungsfeuer
  933. MAAADS
  934. Macaron
  935. madferret
  936. madmaxx12
  937. Madog-Speed
  938. MagnusBarca
  939. MagusHilarius
  940. Machabe
  941. Machmallangsam
  942. MajCupCake
  943. majka_13
  944. Major_Gryphon
  945. majorekk
  946. MajorJo73
  947. majster_poriadok
  948. MakePeaceCZ
  949. Mala_dziewczynka
  950. Malgoon
  951. Malgun
  952. malinois68
  953. mal-vac
  954. Malyak
  955. malymatrix
  956. Mandrakas
  957. Maniacu
  958. maniu
  959. Mannenator
  960. Mao_CP
  961. MarAndreas
  962. Marcin_Fox
  963. marcin869
  964. marcinh1
  965. MarcNice
  966. Marcoztm
  967. Marcus-Verus
  968. marek3005661
  969. marek4444
  970. MarekP
  971. Mario4583
  972. MarioRs
  973. marla
  974. Marodeur
  975. marroos-SVK
  976. marsupilami38
  977. martin100047
  978. martin1359
  979. martinlord
  980. marxist_brother
  981. MasakrIII
  982. Masauwu
  983. MasterAeon
  984. Masterofpuppets
  985. masto1975
  986. Masur
  987. matazalka
  988. Matrix55
  989. matzethegerman
  990. Maugan_Xe
  991. Maulwurf
  992. maxgo
  993. MaximusT90
  994. Maxmize
  995. MaxRavenclaw
  996. maxTIGÄRGER
  997. maxxx77
  998. Mayneez
  999. Mc_Pewpew
  1000. mc71
  1001. MCP64
  1002. McPoison
  1003. Meccano
  1004. Medwed
  1005. MegaKoloss
  1006. MeKelGachy
  1007. meliadus
  1008. Melladon
  1009. Menerv
  1010. Menoetius
  1011. Merdyn
  1012. Merlinarious
  1013. Merrex
  1014. mESHPRACK
  1015. mesio
  1016. Metaljoker
  1017. Metaname
  1018. MeteorKarotte
  1019. Methusalix
  1020. Meucheltank
  1021. MgysgtJPP
  1022. miarka20
  1023. Micke73
  1024. Micky5
  1025. Mieszko2
  1026. migscooter
  1027. Michal99
  1028. Mike_CZ
  1029. MikeAvatar
  1030. MikeLK
  1031. Mikitus
  1032. MikySF
  1033. Millergermany
  1034. minart
  1035. Minimouse
  1036. miodu
  1037. MiquelAS
  1038. Mir072
  1039. Miranda
  1040. Mirase
  1041. mirhaus
  1042. MissVonLyli
  1043. MisterD
  1044. Mitcheuxxx
  1045. MixuS
  1046. Mjolner
  1047. Mk1palmer
  1048. Mkoo
  1049. mlody1982
  1050. MMARK969
  1051. MMMMMilash
  1052. Mnietek72
  1053. MO_E
  1054. mocasini
  1055. moebo
  1056. Mondfuchs
  1057. Mondziege
  1058. Monstertank62
  1059. MoonlightFennec
  1060. MoonTerror
  1061. Morb
  1062. MorGalid
  1063. Moto
  1064. Mr_Grillhaxe
  1065. Mr_Nope
  1066. Mr_Teazer
  1067. Mr_X4K
  1068. MrBurns23
  1069. MrCain
  1070. MrDegi
  1071. MrDotWrong
  1072. mrkiller
  1073. MrMakata
  1075. Mrowamar
  1076. MrPilgrim
  1077. MrSifa
  1078. Muaddibb
  1079. Muauva
  1080. Muck866
  1081. Muldy
  1082. Mumm-Ra
  1083. Muoteck
  1084. Musketti
  1085. muz77
  1086. Mylar90
  1087. mystyk92
  1088. n00b_Hayash_b0t
  1089. n07hin9
  1090. n0T5ur3
  1091. N3cr0n0m
  1092. N3vvB33
  1093. N7EagIe
  1094. Nakl
  1095. NamelessMerc
  1096. Namuan
  1097. naneka3
  1098. nanuk17
  1099. napa2pseudo
  1100. narkisos
  1101. Narnman
  1102. Narog
  1103. Nathan84
  1104. Natoh
  1105. NAZYR
  1106. needen
  1107. Needler
  1108. Neidhart
  1109. Nemesis17034
  1110. NEOLUX
  1111. Neonblast
  1112. NeunFingerJoe
  1113. nevs
  1114. neznanijunak
  1115. nic0sc
  1116. Niemic23
  1118. Nightscape
  1119. nikopol
  1120. Nimravides
  1121. ninoxxx
  1122. nitrobewer
  1123. Nixxus
  1124. Nocturnus
  1125. NODDYCAR
  1126. Nodorf
  1127. Nogosh
  1128. NoChat
  1130. noname93
  1131. Nonarei
  1132. Noobdown
  1133. Noram
  1134. Norbikom
  1135. nordhaeuser
  1136. Nordlicht62
  1137. Norway1
  1138. NoSurrender007
  1139. NovaBombe
  1140. Nuisance_Value
  1141. NukeMutant
  1142. o0LordMartin0o
  1143. Obelix_AC
  1144. Oceanhawk60
  1145. Odyn81
  1146. Ofw_Kerscher
  1147. OFwHofmann
  1148. OGaebler
  1149. Ohara1966
  1150. OHM1983
  1151. OjDyr
  1152. okularnik7
  1153. olala100
  1154. OldGreyBad
  1155. Oldwolf-UK
  1156. Olfir
  1157. olle71
  1158. Omenke33
  1159. Omnipotens
  1160. Ondrej
  1161. Onesimus
  1162. onkel40
  1163. OpaJonny
  1164. OpaSchlumpf
  1165. opsi1234
  1166. optimist53
  1167. Ordi
  1168. osasorp
  1169. Osina
  1170. Ostgranate1603
  1171. oswarior
  1172. Otties
  1173. Ottojanius
  1174. Ouchies
  1175. PABLO666
  1176. Pacatosul
  1177. Pacyfista
  1178. Padavaj
  1179. pafpaf_le_loup
  1180. PaGn
  1181. pah_mar
  1182. Paido
  1183. Paladin69
  1184. pamperin
  1185. pancerna_pyra
  1186. pancerprzemo
  1187. PancRow
  1188. PanJelen
  1189. Panoramix
  1190. panzer00
  1191. panzer1973
  1192. PanzerJurand
  1193. PanzerKnacke
  1194. papachultz
  1195. papounet-16
  1196. papy24510
  1197. Parancsnok80
  1198. ParisvanBorg
  1199. Pascal0243
  1200. pasikunik
  1201. pasowec
  1202. PaterBrown
  1203. patmag29
  1204. Patreas
  1205. paty74
  1206. Pavik555
  1207. Pawelek1021
  1208. pawelpl52
  1209. Paxymir
  1210. Peacemakerr
  1211. peacetolet_PL
  1212. PeddyPanzer
  1213. PeeL
  1214. Penpenn
  1215. Peroaner
  1216. peter24p
  1217. petertje666
  1218. PetitJP
  1219. petrix1
  1220. Pezooo
  1221. PG74
  1222. PhantomF4F
  1223. PhantomKiller
  1224. Phi_Alpha_Kappa
  1225. PHIL59
  1226. Phobos12
  1227. pcheniek
  1228. pi_ki
  1229. Pi0ve
  1230. Picollo
  1231. pierre51645
  1232. pigdog67
  1233. Pilatus
  1234. pilot911
  1235. PiotrR1
  1236. Pirat_fred
  1237. Pireansot
  1238. pirx79
  1239. pisquinho
  1240. Pitcraft
  1241. Pizt
  1242. Planeswalker
  1243. platynowytomek
  1244. Platzmacher
  1245. play3r
  1246. Plesje
  1247. Plueschtigga
  1248. plusqua
  1249. PNZMaster
  1250. Pog1
  1251. Pointer
  1252. PolishLegend
  1253. polwal
  1254. popek76
  1255. POST78
  1256. postman3120
  1257. ppali
  1258. Pr0wler
  1259. Prado
  1260. predator11
  1261. Presedinte93
  1262. PresidentEvil
  1263. PrettyPenny
  1264. Princess_Luna97
  1265. proconsul12
  1266. procsimo79
  1267. ProMyka
  1268. Prutsar
  1269. Pryta
  1270. Psilord
  1271. PsiX
  1272. PsychoOkind
  1273. pSychOs
  1274. psychrophil
  1275. Ptah12
  1276. Ptitluc65
  1277. Pukel2
  1278. puky_cro
  1279. Pumba112
  1280. punishEA
  1281. Pusteblümchen
  1282. Pythius
  1283. PzJgdTerrier
  1284. Quaksen
  1285. Queen_of_Tanks
  1286. Querulous
  1287. quesy01
  1288. Quori
  1289. r_001Ar20no16
  1290. R0k3t
  1291. Rabadag
  1292. Rabenherz
  1293. Rabinek
  1294. radek458pl
  1295. RadekZ
  1296. radgem107
  1297. Raelag
  1298. rafalkx
  1299. raffnienix
  1300. rafi74
  1301. Ragenall
  1302. Raginhardt
  1303. Ragnarok_NL
  1304. RagnarSchulz
  1305. rai87
  1306. Rainman37
  1307. Rajko1986
  1308. raketenchali
  1309. RakiRaki
  1310. Ralle380
  1311. RamaA
  1313. Rambo30
  1314. Rammler1906
  1315. Ramore
  1316. rampartt
  1317. ramrod1948
  1318. RamsesII
  1319. Ramzes71
  1320. Random_Gunfire
  1321. RandomEncounter
  1322. Ranran222
  1323. Rappel
  1324. ratchet117
  1325. Ratscabies
  1326. Raubart
  1327. Rautakontti
  1328. Raziel1
  1329. Razorhead
  1330. Reaesir
  1331. ReaperXFS
  1332. ReaperXIX
  1333. RebeI
  1334. Reccoeresso
  1335. Recon
  1336. Redback
  1337. Redcarell
  1338. rederitz
  1339. rednake
  1340. redq
  1341. Redrath298
  1342. RedSox04
  1343. Redstorm78
  1344. Redwolf63
  1345. Refestus
  1346. Relaksi
  1347. relu_ct
  1348. REMF
  1349. REMKILLER11
  1350. ReNAsura
  1351. RenegatorGer
  1352. reno00
  1353. rescue79
  1354. ressac28
  1355. Retho
  1356. retronymble
  1357. RevWedge
  1358. Rex_Hun
  1359. ReZMegaByte
  1360. Rhodan2005
  1361. RICKI1995
  1362. Rico06
  1363. rille
  1364. Rio284
  1365. rip_hell
  1366. RIP4U
  1367. rmkblue
  1368. robert1982
  1369. robertmi
  1370. robertROGER2207
  1371. robertunio
  1372. roblud2004
  1373. Rocar
  1374. Rockabilly69
  1375. Rodtek
  1376. Rogue886
  1377. rohrkrepierer18
  1378. Rolf_Steiner
  1379. Rollthor
  1380. Rombo
  1381. ronronron
  1382. Roopom
  1383. Rooster
  1384. RootOfEvil
  1385. Rosomak22
  1386. rotavirus
  1387. Rovingshot
  1388. Row_T72
  1389. Royboy94
  1390. Rozax
  1391. RSADozer
  1392. RSC-1995
  1393. R-Sole
  1394. rtep123
  1395. RubberDucky6x
  1396. Ruggedfun
  1397. Rundolf
  1398. Rustynail87
  1399. ryder
  1400. ryder19521
  1401. rympax
  1402. Ryu_26
  1403. S4ark3y
  1404. s4d2
  1405. saadali23
  1406. Sabnock
  1407. Saboter
  1408. SailorX2
  1409. Samarkand
  1410. Sam-Jones
  1411. Sanctuarine
  1412. sanovokiller
  1413. Sasamael
  1414. Sassi
  1415. Savak
  1416. Saveo
  1417. scalar
  1418. Scarie
  1419. Scorpion0303
  1420. scritch41
  1421. sculptor
  1422. SebastCBien
  1423. sebastor
  1424. Sebius
  1425. secondrow
  1426. SegeberGER
  1427. Seifer7
  1428. Semoo
  1429. SerahKhan
  1430. SFranz
  1431. Sgt_HW
  1432. Sgt_SABOT
  1433. Sgt_Vendetta
  1434. SgtC
  1435. SgtFury
  1436. SgtKaribou
  1437. SgtMaj_Carey
  1438. Shaber28
  1439. Shackallor
  1440. Shadow_droid
  1441. Shadowtiger
  1442. Shadowwolve
  1443. Shanelle
  1444. Shano
  1445. shark666
  1446. shnoopx
  1447. Shoot3r
  1448. Show_Girl
  1449. Shrike_1
  1450. SchachtWutz
  1451. Schattenkrieger
  1452. Schime
  1453. Schlock
  1454. Schlotti
  1455. Schmulius
  1456. Schnakkel
  1457. Schneckchen
  1458. Schnittertm
  1459. schome78
  1460. siae0142
  1461. Siddus
  1462. sie80
  1463. Sierra_R
  1464. sigge
  1465. Silver_Shadows
  1466. Silverdagger
  1467. SilverEagle
  1468. Silviu
  1469. Sinistar201
  1470. Sinnaj
  1471. Sinnttick
  1472. SIOLAW
  1473. Sipmode
  1474. SirHawk
  1475. SirKlasu
  1476. SirMushy
  1477. SirPrise
  1478. Sir-Stephan
  1479. Siwy7Cwaniak_PL
  1480. Sixling
  1481. sk102
  1482. Skarab
  1483. Skarremar
  1484. Skatehai
  1485. SKIBA_superski
  1486. Skinbak_Fusilier
  1487. skk77
  1488. SkoreK
  1489. Skrit
  1490. Skua
  1491. skugga
  1492. Skull1401
  1493. Sleed
  1494. Slon
  1495. Slow_As_Hell
  1496. SmilingFox
  1498. Smurphy
  1499. SNAJPER71
  1500. Snake_777
  1501. Sniip3r_Ultr4
  1502. SnowFox011
  1503. SnowRaven
  1504. SoenZ
  1505. Softiz
  1506. sohlo71
  1507. Sold1er96
  1508. Sorinake
  1509. Spacy
  1510. Spacy_2263
  1511. spardose
  1512. Sparrow_62
  1513. Spartank
  1514. Spaten66
  1515. Spearhead
  1516. Sphax
  1517. Spichris
  1518. Spitfire
  1519. Spledor
  1520. Splonge
  1521. Spoonfang
  1522. Spow
  1523. Spunjji
  1524. Spyder
  1525. Spychacz
  1526. Squadman89
  1527. st_vdg
  1528. St0rr
  1529. Stahl230
  1530. Stahlioner_77
  1531. stalker2007
  1532. Stalkierski
  1533. StalowyKapucyn
  1534. Stampfpotato
  1535. Starfall
  1536. STARSBarry
  1537. Staubgeist
  1538. Staufener
  1539. Steel_Gentleman
  1540. SteelHeroe
  1541. steelmous
  1542. steffy44
  1543. Stego
  1544. steher64
  1545. Sterbehilfe_ev
  1546. Stevant
  1547. SteveLazy
  1548. Sticks21
  1549. stig90
  1550. StigmADiabolicuM
  1551. stojce1
  1552. Stone2015
  1553. StoneCold46
  1554. Stormlord
  1555. Stramix
  1556. Strikeone
  1557. StrujaCLF
  1558. strv_122
  1559. StubenTiger77
  1560. Stuntman_Bob
  1561. Stuntman_Mike
  1562. stycks
  1563. Sukelie
  1564. SuLac0
  1565. SunRay
  1566. Super_Skurken
  1567. SUPERB
  1568. SuperCalc4
  1569. supernova874
  1570. Surovyj
  1571. Survion
  1572. susi10
  1573. suyari67
  1574. Svean
  1575. Sven1965
  1576. Sven777b
  1577. Sword
  1578. syk3s
  1579. Sylion
  1580. Synapsenpogo
  1581. szaman_44
  1582. Szania_PL
  1583. szata
  1584. T55-63
  1585. TA55U
  1586. Tafano
  1587. Tahndor
  1588. Tak_Tik
  1589. TakeTh1s
  1590. Talo
  1591. Talon79
  1592. Talpa_Super
  1593. tamersh
  1594. Tangojack
  1595. Tank_Ullator
  1596. Tank1967_2013
  1597. tankac123
  1598. Tankerdarius
  1599. TankFranky
  1600. TankFrog
  1601. Tankhunter01
  1602. TankXD777
  1603. Tarragon
  1604. Tasca
  1605. TauMaxim
  1606. Tau-XIV
  1607. Teager
  1608. TeaTime
  1609. Tebor
  1610. Teddy_Bomber
  1611. tektzby
  1612. Telemark
  1613. TEMELKO
  1614. Tempoguru
  1615. Tenzlo
  1616. Terminator
  1617. Terror_5FDP
  1618. TeunPL
  1619. Thakor
  1620. Thannis
  1621. the_sandwich
  1622. The_Sea_City
  1623. The_Swed
  1624. The_Terminator
  1625. The_ThInG
  1626. The_Viking69
  1627. The5thchild
  1628. TheBerliett
  1629. thecommander451
  1630. TheDeviant_SK
  1631. TheFuzzyOne
  1632. Theido
  1633. The-Madman
  1634. TheRedOne
  1635. TheUnbound
  1636. TheViper_PT
  1637. theweekend
  1638. thibaut1420
  1639. thomas_01
  1640. THOMASCM
  1641. ThridBrithday
  1642. Thrillseeker
  1643. thrstn3
  1644. ThunderHammer
  1645. Thypan
  1646. Tiat
  1647. Tibor535
  1648. Tiger1964
  1649. timely
  1650. TimMardon
  1651. TIOT08
  1652. Tiphoeas
  1653. TITANIC1
  1654. TMKM
  1655. TNTHolt
  1656. TODEK
  1657. TODESENGEL777
  1658. TOFFIK41
  1659. toGh
  1660. toix
  1661. tokarev3
  1662. Tom_13
  1663. tom2316
  1664. tom79
  1665. Tomah
  1666. TomateFeroz
  1667. tomcat_SRB
  1668. Tomin4tor
  1669. TOMKAD
  1670. Tomst3r87
  1671. tomtanc
  1672. Tony_01
  1673. Tooobi74
  1674. Topnicar
  1675. Topspin2005
  1676. TordenTor
  1677. torin98765
  1678. torjen
  1679. Torre
  1680. Touristshark
  1681. Toxopholite
  1682. trakite
  1683. Tristan63
  1684. tritci
  1685. TROMOS
  1686. Trudix
  1687. Tryme
  1688. Tsooj
  1689. Tubescreamer
  1690. Tucilezy
  1691. Tudnix
  1692. turbofox
  1693. Tussi
  1694. Tydard
  1695. Tym57kris
  1696. Tyrant
  1697. Tyrblade
  1698. Tyutyu
  1699. Uglyn
  1700. ugsi
  1701. Ul1ra
  1702. Ulfgrim
  1703. ultra314
  1704. Ultrahonk
  1705. Umbrella
  1706. Unexist
  1707. UNITRA
  1708. Uodahl
  1709. uotafak
  1710. urbantiger
  1711. UrsulCelGras
  1712. UrsulPolar
  1713. Urvieh
  1714. Uschinator
  1715. UszczeliX
  1716. Utinam
  1717. Uwotm8
  1718. uzi012
  1719. Vaaco
  1720. vaam63
  1721. vadda959
  1722. Vahakn
  1723. Vakeger79
  1724. ValiumWarrior
  1725. van_Helsing
  1726. Van-Doom
  1727. Vaserus
  1728. vasiica
  1729. vasmacsó
  1730. VekulZz
  1731. Vell
  1732. Velocy
  1734. Vespero
  1735. VIDMO
  1736. Vier
  1737. VIHAR
  1738. Vil_coyote
  1739. Vionicks
  1740. Viper40x
  1741. vipers7
  1742. virus321
  1743. Visi
  1744. Vitiris
  1745. vlad39
  1746. vladi8080
  1747. Volkhavaar
  1748. vollhonk
  1749. von_Rummelsdorf
  1750. von_Witte
  1751. VonDire
  1752. vonni
  1753. Vonrimmer
  1754. Vonwitzenbacher
  1755. voxx22
  1756. VUXX
  1757. VVOLFF
  1758. Vyserk
  1759. w_o_t_q
  1760. W4zE_Tank
  1761. waidler
  1762. Walderian
  1763. Wallo
  1764. WamBO616
  1765. WAR007
  1766. Warbreaker
  1767. Warlock_SRB
  1768. Warmagi
  1769. washeker
  1770. Wazza
  1771. weasel1
  1772. Weber13
  1773. Weewillie
  1774. welle68
  1775. Weltgendarm
  1776. WereRabbit
  1777. whackywolfman
  1778. Whiskisieppo
  1779. Whiteman
  1780. WHMiba
  1781. Widerlicher
  1782. Wiegosch
  1783. Wiesiol1980
  1784. wiktors3
  1785. WildChips
  1786. Will_toronto
  1787. windows_xp
  1788. Winkielmaister
  1789. wintermute
  1790. Wishman
  1791. WMoelders
  1792. Wncc1701p
  1793. woaho
  1794. Wojtatx2
  1795. wolan82
  1797. Wolf3611
  1798. Wolfaar
  1799. Wolferean
  1800. Wolfy7
  1801. Wolven666
  1802. worreour
  1803. Worschtsemmel71
  1804. Wotan
  1805. Wraykez
  1806. Wredus
  1807. Wroobelek
  1808. WTFGunner
  1809. Wuax
  1810. Wulffrey
  1811. WyrwijFlaka
  1812. Xall
  1813. Xandrass
  1814. Xarven
  1815. XB43
  1816. XBigBenX
  1817. XJDHDR
  1818. xkal
  1819. XORN01
  1820. Xorphitus
  1821. xVOEVODAx
  1822. X-Warlock-X
  1823. Xx-Miran_SLO-xX
  1824. XxoAlExAnDeRoX
  1825. xxPASKUDAxx
  1826. yachu225
  1827. yajna
  1828. yan666
  1829. Yann6993
  1830. Yasix
  1831. yazca
  1832. Yelayah
  1833. Yepa666
  1834. ymb7
  1835. Yngwie079
  1836. Yodelihiti
  1837. yoschy28
  1838. Yuki_Kymeri
  1839. Yumeth
  1840. Yuserac
  1841. Zabzarab
  1842. Zarax_dk
  1843. Zardas
  1845. Zbuc
  1846. Zbyniek_PL
  1847. Zbynio00
  1848. Zdenco99
  1849. zefir2001
  1850. zeGhost
  1851. Zeitung
  1852. Zekspir
  1853. Zemosu
  1854. Zeno
  1855. zero_siedem
  1856. Zi3lu
  1857. zigourat22
  1858. zile00
  1859. Zimnoryjec
  1860. zinzin
  1861. Zirus17
  1862. ZMEY-Oleg
  1863. Zocker1160
  1864. ZoneCopper
  1865. ZooMsvk
  1866. ZoooZ
  1867. zordo
  1868. Zorlos
  1869. Zzetor
  1870. zzMannyzz

Additional winners:

  1. Aenye
  2. Andragoras
  3. Arroyo
  4. Azrahell
  5. Barga
  6. Beralgun
  7. bezz150
  8. Brew_em_up
  9. Cialac
  10. Dom1172
  11. double07
  12. Garric
  13. GobyWan
  14. Grimwar
  15. Hermann
  16. holgii
  17. identitäter
  18. Jaegerblut
  19. Jayhova
  20. kaleut
  21. Karl_Hart
  22. Karnelian
  23. Kertoja
  24. Kris1212
  25. kwarkie
  26. Liff
  27. LoveCrusader
  28. LtLoebas
  29. LYSYna1021
  30. malimucheloo
  31. Mandoleran
  32. Miriya
  33. mixi23
  34. Osmieszyl-i
  35. Palten
  36. Patricino
  37. patro123xd
  38. Pik_As
  39. Prokic90
  40. r4plez
  41. rekthorel
  42. Roki
  43. SarkyMarky
  44. Semtexor
  45. ShadowPlay
  46. ShadyDan
  47. Schneckenauge
  48. Schwammal
  49. Simetierre
  50. SirJoga
  51. SohoSake
  52. SpyTheFly
  53. tekilla
  54. Tjoupak
  55. VerdeXL
  56. warryour
  57. X-CureWhite
  58. XDMR
  59. xXMalakinaXx
  60. Zankteufel
  61. Ziras

Players who completed the entire Episode 1 - NA (Click to Open)

  1. A3DR
  2. Aberich
  3. abndaddy509
  4. abramstanker
  5. Abyss
  6. Admiral_Doom
  7. AFMole
  8. aianjb
  9. airfield_hime
  10. Airmine
  11. Ajatcho
  12. Aken
  13. Albemarle
  14. alcola
  15. aldocr2014
  16. Alex_Munro
  17. alex82rus
  18. Alisas
  19. alpha3
  20. Alpha7
  21. alus459
  22. AlvyDOB
  23. AmanoJack
  24. Amppy
  25. Anlushac11
  26. AnmdelrioW
  27. Anobe
  28. anthrakz
  29. AntiPsyOps
  30. APORO
  31. AppyRose
  32. April
  33. Argent_dalmer
  34. armedbushido
  35. Armorhand
  36. Armstchi
  37. aromac51
  38. Aster_Blistok
  39. Austankie
  40. Azarith
  41. Azimodan
  42. Babs_Seed650
  43. Baht
  45. Balifore
  46. Balloonus
  47. ballzack
  48. Bane_Sidhe
  49. Barake
  50. bcuz
  52. BiG_SHOT_6
  53. Big_Slow_Target
  54. Bigboondi
  55. BillyGoatGruff
  56. BKap
  57. Black240
  58. blackboxwang
  59. Blackdow
  60. Blackhorse1
  61. BlackSheep54
  62. BlindElf
  63. BMWulf
  64. Bobunobu
  66. Bolgani
  67. Bomber47
  68. bonehead12
  69. BootlegFC
  70. BOOTY
  71. Boxcar450
  73. Broekn
  74. Bubba_Bazooka
  75. Buckaroo_Banzai
  76. buddyjar
  78. BurnG
  79. Burnt
  80. Bushmaster1
  81. Bustin_Iron
  82. Bwana53
  83. CamperBoy102
  84. Campisi
  85. Capaneus
  86. Capps
  87. Captain_Phatt
  88. CaptainFalcon
  89. CaptainTrek
  90. casanova419
  91. cave-man
  92. CBD22
  93. cddlbunny
  94. Centurion
  95. Cerberus113
  96. Cinder
  97. Cjjes17
  98. ClockworkCannon
  99. Clouded_Leopard
  100. CMARIE
  101. CoffinJoe
  102. Col_Klink
  103. ColonelMoss
  104. Conda777
  105. CookieShooter
  107. CorrosivePrimed
  108. Corsair114
  109. Countz
  110. Cozmic
  111. Cpt_Skyhawk
  112. Crazy_Harry
  113. critzkaiser
  114. crocogator
  115. CRrreLL
  116. cslogo
  117. cuddle_monster
  118. cyberseth4A10
  119. cybroghyrax
  120. D_WarRooster
  121. D34deye
  122. DabbinThat710
  123. Dakkadakka61
  124. Damascus
  125. DanLBob
  126. Dareios
  127. Darklor
  128. DarthKaiser
  129. DarthSurplus
  130. darwars
  131. DasSkyHawk
  132. dave001
  133. D-Czeos
  134. Dean_Martin
  135. deltadagger
  136. DeltaOOO
  137. DengekiSakusen
  138. Dervik
  139. deslok
  140. DFENS
  141. DigUpSkulls
  142. DikenSong
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  148. Dr_Dewey
  149. Dragonbreath1
  150. Drake_Terrenson
  151. Dreadbot
  152. DreadgeNought
  153. dreamcrusher
  154. Duck_Hater
  155. Duke1961
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  158. Earl_the_dog
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  160. echo5a
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  168. Farfinder
  169. Farwalker
  170. FCyber
  171. FinalementQc
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  173. Fireball_Matrix
  174. FLINT
  175. Flogger23m
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  177. Fox-44-2-11ACR
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  193. gorbnitz
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  195. Gorreci
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  197. Gozinta
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  200. gswombat
  201. Guarah
  202. Gunny2000
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  253. IVa_Brigada
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  630. ZMEY-Oleg
  631. Zuul


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Storyline Campaign?

The Storyline Campaign is a multi-month story-driven event where players complete difficult objectives to win considerable prizes. The core of the Storyline Campaign is the Armored Warfare storyline and lore where player decisions influence the progress of the story directly. The campaign consists of five Episodes. All Episodes must be completed to receive the ultimate reward.

I came later on, is there a chance for me to get my hands on the ultimate Campaign reward?

The campaign is designed so that only the players who complete all the episodes receive the ultimate reward. With that being said, later episodes do contain the means to achieve the "Episode Completed" status for the previous episodes, but completing the episodes ex-post will invariably require more effort and resources than completing them in order. With the difficulty level increasing, it may become extremely difficult.

What is the Ultimate Campaign Reward?

A unique high-Tier reward vehicle, unobtainable by any other means.

Does the Storyline Campaign Lore have any impact on the game?

Yes. The lore represents the official Armored Warfare storyline. Characters from the Storyline may for example, depending on player performance, appear in the game as commanders.

How long is one Episode available?

Roughly a month with a break of a week or two between Episodes.


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