Tournament Week - Pt.19

We are pleased to announce another edition of the Tournament Week series with a list of this week's tournaments by AWLeagues open for application!


Single Player Tournament Series

Armored Warfare Leagues is proud to present the Single Player Tournament series, in which each player is for himself! The list of open Single Player tournaments includes:

For more information about each tournament, please click on its name in the list above. You don't need a team to participate - don't miss your chance to earn some amazing premium vehicles!

March Mercenaries Team PvE Tournament

Server: European, North American
Language: English
Tournament date: March 18
Tournament time: starts at 0:01 and ends at 23:59 local time for each player submitting screenshots
Tournament mode: PvE
Tournament format: 5 man platoons join PvE Hard during the tournament hours and submit their 5 best results (all submitted screenshots need to be within 3 hours from each other), the team with highest Reputation from submitted result screenshots wins
Tournament map: Special
Maximum tier: Tier 8 only (Premium vehicles permitted)
Prizes for the winners:

  • First Place: M1134 for all members of the winning team
  • Second Place: Leopard 2AV ICE for all members of the winning team
  • Third Place: T-64AV Hunter for all members of the winning team
  • Fourth Place: BWP-1M Puma for all members of the winning team
  • Fifth Place: Object 430 for all members of the winning team

Players, who already own the abovementioned vehicles, will receive either 50 percent of the vehicle value in Gold (Premium vehicles) or Credits (regular vehicles).

Teams can sign up on the Armored Warfare Leagues website, for the full list of rules see this post.

Interested in organizing a tournament?

Are you organizing a tournament? Need a helping hand? Contact any My.com Community Manager!

We hope you will enjoy these tournaments and will see you on the battlefield!

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