FPSReport: 'Eye of the Storm' update adds new vehicles and content to Armored Warfare

With the 'Eye of the Storm' update free-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare receives five new progression vehicles and a new PvP map.

Eye of the Storm, update 0.21, introduces a series of powerful Czechoslovak and Polish vehicles which players will be able to roll out in including the BVP Šakal, KTO Rosomak, KTO Rosomak M1M, WPB Anders and Wilk XC-8. Each vehicle possesses unique battle mechanics as they are leveled up, providing players with powerful skills such as the Spike-LR fire-and-forget guided missile system to employ against opponents. Regardless of which powerhouse players choose, all vehicles have excellent firepower (often with very high rate of fire) and mobility for their respective tiers.

More: http://www.fpsreport.com/news/208-armored-warfare/1649-eye-of-the-storm-update-adds-new-vehicles-and-content-to-armored-warfare.html

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