Wargamer: Impressions & Global Operations

The breakthrough multiplayer hit World of Tanks has inspired a number of like-minded games and simulations in recent years, not least among them Armored Warfare and War Thunder - the former (until now) a mere irritant and the latter a persistent thorn in Wargaming.net’s side. Even more so when Gaijin incorporated armoured units into its multiplayer flight combat game at more or less the same time as World of Warplanes took to the air.

Unsurprisingly the arguments over which “free to play” online tank game offers the better mechanised combat experience have been raging ever since, with World of Tanks generally seen as the more competitive and accessible game (and by far the most popular), while War Thunder offers up more authentic combined arms arenas. Until recently genre newcomer Armored Warfare seemed content to hunker down in World of Tanks’ shadow, but with the imminent release of a new Global Operations gameplay mode, Obsidian Entertainment’s unlikely WoT-killer looks ready and able to distinguish itself.

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